OK Bishop Eddie Long is Disgusting

Here’s why. And I think you’ll agree with me. With thanks to Richard Bartholomew for the tip.  Why do churches put up with that kind of thing?  And not just some tiny little hick church, a huge Atlanta mega-church?

Update- Sorry I had lee for long.  I guess I was in such shock I just couldn’t think rightly, or even type the word long.

7 thoughts on “OK Bishop Eddie Long is Disgusting

  1. Michael Acidri

    such charlatans drag the name of christ in the mud…i mean regarding his whimsical regard for the word and his innuendo filled sermons. I’m still waiting to see what will come out of the allegations-but those dont help his character either.Will he do the homourable thing and stand down till all this is cleared up? Nope….touch not the anointed so they say.


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