Israeli Expansion in Palestinian Territory

Detailed map of Israeli settlements on the Wes...

There’s a fairly new interactive map which shows the placement and expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory which, according to Israeli peace activists, will, if allowed to continue, make the two state solution completely impossible. The site owners say

You can use this map to explore the data we have collected about settlement activity in the West Bank. The map is organized in several layers that show different kinds of data. In the Layer Selector, you can click on the headings to view different areas of the map with pre-selected sets of layers. Or, you can turn on or off individual layers to customize your view. When you select an individual settlement, we’ll show you the data that we’ve collected about it, such as the year it was established and its population. When we post news stories about events in the West Bank, we’ll include a link that takes you directly to the location. You can then explore the area so you can understand the news in context.

I heard about the map on NPR this morning while listening to a report on the eviction of a Palestinian from his home in East Jerusalem. A home which was then occupied by Israelis. How anyone with a conscience can think such things are moral escapes me.

3 thoughts on “Israeli Expansion in Palestinian Territory

  1. Gerard

    The map you have a copy of from the UNOCHAOP is from 2006. The current UNOCHAOP is on their website:


    1. Jim Post author

      zemanta. i select from various images they suggest and sometimes they are of the actual thing and sometimes they are simply illustrative. its up to readers to visit actual sites.


  2. JPvdGiessen

    I don’t know from what source the map is, but several “closed military areas” I’ve accessed in March. Also several Israeli settlements like Qumran are drawn 10x bigger as in reality.

    So I think this is a very inaccurate map probably made by an anti-Israel group.


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