I Pray I Never Live to See it at SBL or ASOR or SOTS

‘It’?  Spray on clothing…  And when attendees at biblical studies and archaeology meetings start sporting them I hope I have long since been dropped in a hole in the ground and covered with leaves and twigs or whatever.   I mean really- can you imagine Chris Tilling or Christian Brady or, *shiver*, Mark Stevens, or *mouth vomit* Jeremy Thompson in nothing more than spray on fabric?

No friends, some things are just not right and should not only never happen, but never even be considered.  And spraying clothes on people is one of those.  In fact, it’s at the top of the list.

I mean let’s face it- this kind of thing is bad enough.  But can you imagine seeing Tilling and his cohorts walk into a Paul seminar with Paul clothing on?  Or *thoughts of selbstmord* NT Wright?????


See?  It’s just wrong.  The whole prospect….  I must poke out my mind’s eye now.

3 thoughts on “I Pray I Never Live to See it at SBL or ASOR or SOTS

  1. Doug

    Just think how light you can pack for your conferences. “What color do I want today?” you can ask yourself. Why, you could even make some wild clothing to fit your moods. One for lawn mowing, another for preaching.


  2. steph

    better not travel air new zealand then – all our flight attendants have spray on clothing – this is our last safety video. Demands close attention. It’s been replaced by an arguably funnier all Black safety video. Only Kiwis do it you see, cuz we’re all stoned 😉


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