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Perfectly Depressing News to End a Perfectly Depressing Day…

Starbucks Ueno

Just in case this day weren’t dreadful enough, it has to end like this does it…

After declaring its resolve last month to absorb increases in the cost of green coffee, Starbucks Corp. said it will raise prices on some of its drinks. The Seattle coffee giant said Wednesday that the price of green Arabica coffee, which is close to a 13-year high, and price volatility for other raw materials it uses, such as dairy products sugar and cocoa, have forced it to respond. The chain said it will boost prices of larger size and hard-to-make drinks, while maintaining or lowering the price of some of its most popular beverages, including certain espresso beverages; and, in most markets, its $1.50 12-ounce brewed coffee.


Some People Would Stand By the Devil

So it’s no surprise that members of ‘Pastor’ Eddie Long’s ‘Church’ are standing by their man.  It’s sad, but not surprising. I guess some of the stuff he preached in his sermon spilled over on them and they were so touched by it that they believe him.

Jamal Parris, 23, alleged in a suit filed today that Bishop Eddie Long used his private plane to fly him around the world — from Los Angeles to Trinidad to New York — and sexually abused him along the way. Parris alleges in the documents, obtained by ABC News, that the bishop would request he be nude while in his presence and would request “sexual massages” and “oral sodomy” when they traveled. Parris joins two other young men, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg, who also say the bishop forced sex upon them.

And true, I don’t know if he molested those members or not.  But he should be removed from his office for theological incompetence whether or not he did the other devilish thing. But there’s more than just allegation-

B.J. Bernstein, the lawyer for Robinson and Flagg, has said that she has photos, texts and e-mails that show a relationship between her clients and the bishop.

Photos, texts, and emails. The trifecta. Resign, ‘Bishop’, before you destroy the entire church.  And you and Ted Haggard can team up and start your own traveling road show.

I Pray I Never Live to See it at SBL or ASOR or SOTS

‘It’?  Spray on clothing…  And when attendees at biblical studies and archaeology meetings start sporting them I hope I have long since been dropped in a hole in the ground and covered with leaves and twigs or whatever.   I mean really- can you imagine Chris Tilling or Christian Brady or, *shiver*, Mark Stevens, or *mouth vomit* Jeremy Thompson in nothing more than spray on fabric?

No friends, some things are just not right and should not only never happen, but never even be considered.  And spraying clothes on people is one of those.  In fact, it’s at the top of the list.

I mean let’s face it- this kind of thing is bad enough.  But can you imagine seeing Tilling and his cohorts walk into a Paul seminar with Paul clothing on?  Or *thoughts of selbstmord* NT Wright?????


See?  It’s just wrong.  The whole prospect….  I must poke out my mind’s eye now.

Stranger Things Have Happened…

Silhouette of cranes and buildings, Beijing, C...

Downtown Beijing

I’ve even been cited by atheists with approval (which I really don’t know how to take, so thanks, I think, but I’m not sure, Vrider (even though I feel like I need to take a shower now)).  But it is truly really strange that PZ and I agree on the ‘exodus proven by science’ nonsense that spewed onto the web the other day and has now been covered by every news outlet from Beijing to Jerusalem.  Duane has the lowdown.

I’m positive PZ isn’t approaching from the same angle as myself.  But if he sees the report for the rubbish it is, good for him.

OK Bishop Eddie Long is Disgusting

Here’s why. And I think you’ll agree with me. With thanks to Richard Bartholomew for the tip.  Why do churches put up with that kind of thing?  And not just some tiny little hick church, a huge Atlanta mega-church?

Update- Sorry I had lee for long.  I guess I was in such shock I just couldn’t think rightly, or even type the word long.

Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls to Lecture at TWU

Scott has the scoop. If you’re able, you definitely should attend.

Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls to Lecture at TWU Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Ph.D., is Lizbeth and George Krupp Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Director of the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, one of the world's leading archaeological museums. An ordained conservative rabbi, Dr. Roitman earned his Ph.D. in Ancient Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1993, and was conferred a Doctor Honoris Causa degree by Rocky Mountain College in 2005. His field of research … Read More

via Scotteriology

Colbertlist Replaces Craigslist

Awesomely funny clip on the Colbert Report last night pointed to his replacement site for Craigslist.

It’s vile free!

But once you get there, you’re taken to his Keep Fear Alive rally site no matter where you click on the page- which is even cooler.  I wish I could attend the rally.  Sadly, I can’t.

Insurance Industry Corruption and Greed: Corporate Total Depravity

Ed Morris On The Impact Of Health Insurance Reform

We all knew that when ‘health reform’ passed the insurance industry would find ways of getting around it (what a shock, huh?). And of course, they have. And they don’t care how many children are hurt by it.

After you read the report in the Los Angeles Times you’ll be as incensed as I presently am. The headline screeches- Big health insurers to stop selling new child-only policies, and the report notes, among other things,

Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna Inc. and others say they will make the move as soon as Thursday when parts of the new healthcare law take effect. They cite potentially huge and unexpected costs for insuring children. Major health insurance companies in California and other states have decided to stop selling policies for children rather than comply with a new federal healthcare law that bars them from rejecting youngsters with preexisting medical conditions.

Evil corrupt corporate greed. Damnable and vile with a certainty of 100%. I honestly hope these greedy companies go the way of Lehmann Brothers and that their executives, the ones who make decisions which invariably harm the poor, find themselves wallowing in poverty themselves so that they can see what their actions truly mean.

Total Depravity: More on the Wisconsin District Attorney Ken Kratz

There ya go, Ladies, he's all yours...

Or should it be Ken Crass?

A third woman has now spoken out against embattled District Attorney Ken Kratz. She’s the first of three women who’ve accused the Calumet County District Attorney of abusing his office to speak publicly. The woman is a law student who says she went to Kratz for help. Before she headed to law school in Oklahoma, she went to see Kratz for help in getting a pardon for a decade-old drug conviction. In hindsight, she says she believes Kratz used that opportunity to harass her. “It was after that, that he started to send me sexual text messages, such as, ‘in between the sheets,’ ‘I’m taking a nap,’ etc,” said Maria Ruskiewicz.

The poor guy either has an ego inflated to the size of China or he’s going through some sort of mid life crisis which compels him to imagine himself attractive to women half his age. Further, he’s just not too bright. Sending texts guarantees dissemination of information. He should resign immediately.

My New Desktop Background: Zwingli’s Murder

Darstellung von Zwinglis Tod 1893 durch den Muttenzer Maler Karl Jauslin. Das Werk illustriert die legendenhafte Verklärung die bereits in Bullingers Schilderung erkennbar ist. Von dessen Bericht weicht Jauslins Darstellung erheblich ab. Hier sind die Sieger um den sterbenden Zwingli versammelt, um ihn zu verhöhnen, ihm das Marienbanner vorzuhalten und ihm mit der Faust zu drohen. Schliesslich schickt sich ein Halbartier an, Zwingli den Todesstoss von Hinten (was Feigheit manifestieren soll) zu versetzen. Obschon Bullinger schreibt, dass Zwingli erst am nächsten Tag, nach seinem Tod idendifiziert worden sei, ist er auf Jauslins Bild als Lebender erkannt und vom viel spottendem Volk umringt. Dabei sei er nach Bullinger zuerst offenbar für einen Sterbenden alten Glaubens gehalten worden, den man trösten wollte und dem man die Beichte und Anrufung der Heiligen empfahl. Übrigens wird genau dieser Umstand später als zusätzliche Verspottung gedeutet, die man Zwingli angetan habe.

Japan Has More Sense than the United States

Paris Hilton canceled her Asia tour and returned home when she was denied entry at Tokyo’s airport Wednesday following a drug violation in the U.S. — running afoul of strict Japanese laws that have tripped up celebrities from Paul McCartney to Diego Maradona.

Now if the United States would deny entry to convicted drug offenders it would be fantastic.  Utterly fantastic.  ‘Oh we’re sorry miss, you can’t enter the country.  I see you have a drug conviction on your record.  Alas, you are not welcome.’  Fantastic.

Israeli Expansion in Palestinian Territory

Detailed map of Israeli settlements on the Wes...

There’s a fairly new interactive map which shows the placement and expansion of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory which, according to Israeli peace activists, will, if allowed to continue, make the two state solution completely impossible. The site owners say

You can use this map to explore the data we have collected about settlement activity in the West Bank. The map is organized in several layers that show different kinds of data. In the Layer Selector, you can click on the headings to view different areas of the map with pre-selected sets of layers. Or, you can turn on or off individual layers to customize your view. When you select an individual settlement, we’ll show you the data that we’ve collected about it, such as the year it was established and its population. When we post news stories about events in the West Bank, we’ll include a link that takes you directly to the location. You can then explore the area so you can understand the news in context.

I heard about the map on NPR this morning while listening to a report on the eviction of a Palestinian from his home in East Jerusalem. A home which was then occupied by Israelis. How anyone with a conscience can think such things are moral escapes me.