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The Recession is Over? Well You Can’t Tell it From Here, Washington

If yet more proof were needed that Washington is out of touch, a bunch of eggheads sitting in nice offices have decided that the recession ended in June of 2009.  Hahahahahahahaaha!  They’re so stupid! It turns out the recession ended … Continue reading

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Today at the Trial of Raphael Golb

The Associated Press reports A New York lawyer denies he impersonated a Judaic studies professor and calls the allegation payback in a scholarly dispute over the Dead Sea Scrolls. Raphael Golb’s 2009 videotaped statement to authorities was played Monday at … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

I couldn’t believe it myself, when I saw the report of Chris Tilling’s latest deed!  He’s in London (where he lives, as you may know) and it seems that he’s been out, away from his professorial duties, protesting the Pope!  … Continue reading

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The Trial of Raphael Golb: How Did We Get Here?

It might be useful, with the trial of R. Golb heading into its second week, to remind those unfamiliar with the case how we got here. And the best way to do that is to go back to January and … Continue reading

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1 Corinthians 13:12

The Talmud has an interesting contribution, I think, to our understanding of Paul’s little phrase ‘we see through a glass darkly’ when it remarks concerning Isaiah’s claim to have seen the Lord- ‘I saw the Lord’, [is to be understood] … Continue reading

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Ben Sira’s Advice is Still Worth Hearing

Do not try to understand things that are too difficult for you, or try to discover what is beyond your powers. Concentrate on what has been assigned you, you have no need to worry over mysteries. Do not meddle with … Continue reading

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Identify the Gath Object

Aren’s posted a quiz, asking folk to identify an object found this summer at Gath. Post your guesses here. I’m guessing some sort of amulet. That, or a pile of camel dung.

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More Pente-babble-inanity

Courtesy of Scott ‘The Canadian DSS Guy’ Bailey Scott and I may not agree on the Sainted Zwingli- but we agree completely on the stupidity and theological illiteracy of these kinds of pente-babbleists. Such persons are Montanists, pure and simple. … Continue reading

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I’d Buy a Facebook Phone

But only so I could keep up with what the church kids and Mark Stevens were doing.  Not that I’d use it for anything else.  No way. 😉 So, I really do hope Facebook does it, in spite of the … Continue reading

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The Signet Ring from North Israel

The Jerusalem Post is reporting An ancient bronze signet ring excavated recently in Tel Dor, near Zichron Ya’acov, indicates that well-heeled elites were living in the area during the Hellenistic era, archaeologists from the University of Haifa reported on Sunday. … Continue reading

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The ‘Caffeine Made Me Do It’ Defense…

Just when you think you’ve heard every ridiculous excuse in the world (remember the fat guy who claimed he couldn’t have murdered his wife because he was too fat…), along comes an even more absurd one. A Kentucky man accused … Continue reading

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First Century Jerusalem Ossuaries

7 of them, to be precise, have been discovered, as John Byron points out this morning.  The IAA report includes these remarks: On the night of January 18, 2009, a rock-hewn burial cave was hastily documented in thwe Qiryat Shemuel … Continue reading

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A Newly Discovered Samaritan Temple at Beth-Shean

Xinhua reports Israeli archaeologists reported Monday that they have uncovered a synagogue prayer hall and farmstead from the Late Byzantine Period in the town of Beit She’ an in the Jordan Valley. “The structures uncovered there were built at the … Continue reading

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