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The Only Thing The Stimulus Has Stimulated is Politician’s Egos

Take, for example, the pure absurdity of the $70,000,000 spent in Los Angeles to create a whopping 7.76 jobs.  That’s right 7 jobs with .76 more.  I’m not sure what a .76 job is unless it’s some part time gig … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Limbaugh Belong Together

Rush Limbaugh fell for a hoax about a federal judge based on an erroneous Wikipedia entry, according to the New York Times. The paper reports that, on his Tuesday show, Limbaugh spent some time discussing Roger Vinson, a District Court … Continue reading

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Those Rabbis Talked About Everything… And I Mean Everything…

Stuff I never talk about, they talked about. See, for instance, m.Nid. 2.1- R. Eleazar stated: Who are referred to in the Scriptural text, Your hands are full of blood? Those that commit masturbation with their hands. It was taught … Continue reading

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Anthropology and the Bible: Critical Perspectives

Edited by my friend and yours, Emanuel Pfoh, and published by Gorgias Press. The papers in this anthology represent the proceedings of the Anthropology and the Bible session from the European Association of Biblical Studies Annual Meeting held in Lincoln, … Continue reading

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Biblical Studies Carnival Call for Submissions

Steven Demmler of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is hosting the September 30 Carnival and he asks for your help in assembling the best of the best.  Help him out.  And try not to send him rubbishy suggestions.  He’s new.  He’s not … Continue reading

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Blogging: The Bulletin for the Study of Religion

The current issue of BSR arrived today loaded with fantastic essays by such luminaries as Jim West, James McGrath, Robert Cargill, Roland Boer, and James Crossley.  It seems the issue is devoted to the subject of blogging and the academy. … Continue reading

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Head For the Hills, Cartoonist, Before the Radical Muslims Try to Kill You…

Once again, a picture of Mohammed has engendered threats of death.  Which threats are just so unseemly in their absurdity. A Seattle cartoonist who stirred up a religious storm with a tongue-in-cheek encouragement to draw images of the Muslim prophet … Continue reading

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Zwingli Was Wrong About That

On the 17th of September, 1522, Huldrych Zwingli published a greatly expanded version of a sermon he had preached earlier that year on the perpetual virginity of Mary.  In something of a true rarity, Zwingli was simply wrong about that.  … Continue reading

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How Do You Persuade High School Boys to Play Ball For Your College Team?

Send ‘hostesses’ to visit them.  Just like the University of Tennessee did. The NCAA investigation into the Tennessee football program involves former quarterbacks coach David Reaves not alerting the school to improper contact with recruits, the Knoxville News Sentinel is … Continue reading

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