God, the Beer Boozer?

Apparently this is how the editors at BAR see God.

Boy, talk about pandering to the baser instincts of readers, BAR has outdone itself with this informational tidbit which so utterly anthropomorphisizes God that we next expect to learn that he has a big old fat beer gut too…

Yahweh drank a six-pack per day

Says their email announcing the latest issue of BAR (which now must really be understood as bar instead of BAR).

According to the Hebrew Bible, the Israelite God Yahweh drank a six-pack of beer each day (through ritual libation offerings) and even more on the Sabbath. So why doesn’t the word “beer” appear in most English translations of the Bible? Author Michael M. Homan offers three explanations: (1) the Hebrew word for beer (shekhar) has been misunderstood and mistranslated; (2) there is a general snobbery among academics that causes them to scorn beer drinking as uncivilized and uncouth, preferring to paint the Israelites as sophisticated wine drinkers; (3) it is difficult to identify beer making in the archaeological record because the process so closely resembles bread production.

Thankfully Michael’s essay doesn’t follow the same pandering, attention grabbing and misleading path. Indeed, the title of the essay is ‘Did the Ancient Israelite’s Drink Beer?’   Though I hesitate to commend it to you because of its venue, Michael’s a good writer…  what to do, what to do…

Anyway, if you subscribe to BAR you should probably cancel your subscription and send them the message that grossly misrepresenting God is not only offensive, but silly.

2 thoughts on “God, the Beer Boozer?

  1. Jim,

    Wow I blogged on this last week, but never received this email from BAR. What a riot. One thing about HS, he knows how to mix tabloid with academia. I too am glad that Michael’s essay was more evenhanded.



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