It’s Open Season on Catholic Clergy


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Which means that anyone anywhere who didn’t like a sermon or who has a personality conflict with a Priest can level the charge of abuse and get a gleeful hearing by a mob happy to think the worst of every man who wears the collar.

But not every accusation is true and the vast, vast majority of priests are good and godly men who simply wish to shepherd their flocks through the perilous fields of modern society and all its depravity.

There are, it’s a certainty, priests who abuse- but there are Rabbis who abuse and Pastors who abuse and Imams who abuse and dads who abuse and creepy uncles who abuse. But when a creepy uncle does it the whole world doesn’t cry out that all uncles are perverts.

The insane feeding frenzy against Priests is just immoral, wrong, and unethical.

The Rev. Charles P. Granstrand, pastor at Our Lady of Mercy, publicly defended himself before a largely sympathetic and supportive congregation, just after Communion and just before the second collection. Granstrand’s comments come one week after two individuals passed out fliers seeking information of more victims at a town-sponsored fireworks event. “I can tell you very simply that this allegation is not true,” Granstrand said. “I have never done such a thing.” Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli confirmed Sunday that his office was asked to investigate the matter earlier this year. He would not disclose any details on when the alleged incident occurred or who requested it. “Yes, we were asked to look into it,” Molinelli said. “Yes, we investigated it, and it did not result in the filing of any charges.”

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