Is the ‘Quest for the Historical Jesus’ Over?

Jesus on the wall of the senior Home

The Sheffield blog posts an interesting observation concerning the potential reasons why interest in the HJ seems to be waning.

I have a simple answer (which i also shared there) – there’s scant interest in the question because it’s by now just boring.  It isn’t interesting at all to read the same arguments over and over again.  Rehashed and rewarmed HJ studies are just about as appealing as old leftover spaghetti.

To say it another way- scholars have said everything that can possibly be said about it so many times that no one cares anymore.

We can only await the projects underway by M. Muller and M. Casey in hopes that a new corner will be turned.  Otherwise, really, the jig is up for the HJ Quest # whichever one this is.

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