Comment Policy- It Must be Time for a Reminder

So, to save you, good reader, the dismay that fills the hearts of those who comment and to their shame never see their (at least to their own mind) wit received and shared- I offer once more my simple comment policy-

I do not approve comments that are anonymous.

I’ve also now placed this policy in a prominent place on the right nav panel.

About Jim

I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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8 Responses to Comment Policy- It Must be Time for a Reminder

  1. bobcargill says:

    why? what harm could ever come from the use of anonymity online?…


    • Jim says:

      deception, fraud, misrepresentation, criminal behavior, sock puppetery, geoff hudson, heck you name it and anonymity is a literal pandoras box of stupidity and wickedness.


  2. Doug (I am thinking about signing under the name "Michael Servetus") from Wisconsin says:

    “sock puppetery”? What in the world is that?


  3. Jeremy says:

    What if you’re the unabomber? Can you go anonymous then? I mean, I’m not asking for myself… You see I’ve got this friend …


  4. Jeremy says:

    That hurts. I thought you were my friend … (single tear)


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