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Is the ‘Quest for the Historical Jesus’ Over?

The Sheffield blog posts an interesting observation concerning the potential reasons why interest in the HJ seems to be waning. I have a simple answer (which i also shared there) – there’s scant interest in the question because it’s by … Continue reading

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Comment Policy- It Must be Time for a Reminder

So, to save you, good reader, the dismay that fills the hearts of those who comment and to their shame never see their (at least to their own mind) wit received and shared- I offer once more my simple comment … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

People…  Sigh…

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US Taxpayers are Subsidizing Iraq’s Massive Budget Surplus

Thanks Congress.  We appreciate you guys and gals so very, very, much.  We thank you for sending our tax dollars to Iraq and making it possible for them to run the sort of surpluses we haven’t seen since Bill Clinton … Continue reading

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It Couldn’t Be The World’s Oldest University…

They didn’t have the industry of accreditation back then, so there’s no way real learning could have taken place. Silly archaeologists, don’t they know modern American academic ‘standards’ are the measure of all things? Ok, now that I’ve got my … Continue reading

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Song of the Day

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It’s Open Season on Catholic Clergy

Which means that anyone anywhere who didn’t like a sermon or who has a personality conflict with a Priest can level the charge of abuse and get a gleeful hearing by a mob happy to think the worst of every … Continue reading

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The Trial of Raphael Golb

Commences today.

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He’s Australian, and a Lawyer… And an Atheist Fool

So when the news reports that he used a page from the Bible and a page from the Qur’an to roll cigarettes in order to find which tastes better, no one should be surprised. An Australian lawyer, Alex Stewart, has … Continue reading

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Christians Are Still Suffering Persecution

Indonesia’s president ordered police to arrest the assailants who stabbed a Christian worshipper in the stomach and beat a minister in the head with a wooden plank as they headed to prayers. Neither of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. … Continue reading

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