Speaking of Lady Gag(a)- Joyce Meyer’s is Her Evangelical Equivalent

Via Michael Acidri on FB.

(Meyer’s really is a heretic- an a-theist. The false ‘gospel’ she teaches is nothing at all in the world but the gospel of self. Jesus’ real sheep won’t hear her voice- they only hear the voice of the Good Shepherd- which means her followers are being led astray.)

4 thoughts on “Speaking of Lady Gag(a)- Joyce Meyer’s is Her Evangelical Equivalent

  1. Emerson Fast

    Oh goodness,

    Was this video compiled by some disgruntled calvinist from a pathetically un-discerning “discernment” ministry?

    “I don’t wanna make my clothes, I wanna buy them.”


    I don’t wanna make my clothes either, I want to buy them. I’ve got the money to do it, so I will.

    Moreover, if it’s sinful to buy nice clothes, then it was sinful and wicked for the wife of noble character to sell them (prov. 21:24).

    Oh these wicked discernment ministries. They belch out sulfur and brimstone and only succeed in exceeding the depravity of those persons they are “exposing”. I wish we had a magisterium to squelch this mindlessness.


  2. Emerson Fast

    This contumacious portion of slander and hatred has only served to precipitate the assuagement of my anger towards Joyce Meyer. When Abner was exposed to the insecure mud-slinging of Ish-Bosheth, he booked himself a flight to Jerusalem and re-directed his loyalties towards his opponent. I think I’ll do the same. I am genuinely pissed.


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