Speaking of Lady Gag(a)- Joyce Meyer’s is Her Evangelical Equivalent

Via Michael Acidri on FB.

(Meyer’s really is a heretic- an a-theist. The false ‘gospel’ she teaches is nothing at all in the world but the gospel of self. Jesus’ real sheep won’t hear her voice- they only hear the voice of the Good Shepherd- which means her followers are being led astray.)

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4 Responses to Speaking of Lady Gag(a)- Joyce Meyer’s is Her Evangelical Equivalent

  1. Emerson Fast says:

    Oh goodness,

    Was this video compiled by some disgruntled calvinist from a pathetically un-discerning “discernment” ministry?

    “I don’t wanna make my clothes, I wanna buy them.”


    I don’t wanna make my clothes either, I want to buy them. I’ve got the money to do it, so I will.

    Moreover, if it’s sinful to buy nice clothes, then it was sinful and wicked for the wife of noble character to sell them (prov. 21:24).

    Oh these wicked discernment ministries. They belch out sulfur and brimstone and only succeed in exceeding the depravity of those persons they are “exposing”. I wish we had a magisterium to squelch this mindlessness.


  2. Emerson Fast says:

    This contumacious portion of slander and hatred has only served to precipitate the assuagement of my anger towards Joyce Meyer. When Abner was exposed to the insecure mud-slinging of Ish-Bosheth, he booked himself a flight to Jerusalem and re-directed his loyalties towards his opponent. I think I’ll do the same. I am genuinely pissed.


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  4. Acidri says:

    I like the head line. Great pun!


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