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The US Military is Worse than Terry Jones

Jones just talked about burning the Qur’an, but the US military actually burned bibles in May 2009.

Oh our country… our government is so …… .. .

Speaking of Lady Gag(a)- Joyce Meyer’s is Her Evangelical Equivalent

Via Michael Acidri on FB.

(Meyer’s really is a heretic- an a-theist. The false ‘gospel’ she teaches is nothing at all in the world but the gospel of self. Jesus’ real sheep won’t hear her voice- they only hear the voice of the Good Shepherd- which means her followers are being led astray.)

When Lady Gag(a) is In Line to Receive the Most Awards…


For the filth she peddles under the misnomer ‘music’ then we can consider that fact yet another sign of America’s moral decay and depraved perversity.

Music’s wildest party — on television at least — convenes Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and the guest list couldn’t be any more outrageous. There’s Lady Gaga, who will compete for top honors. She’s nominated for 13 moonman trophies, setting a VMA record, and her nominations include two for video of the year — “Telephone,” featuring Beyonce, and “Bad Romance.” Also on the invite list is Eminem, who is nominated eight times and is also up for video of the year for “Not Afraid.” Then there’s the ever-rowdy “Jersey Shore” gang, the ever-sassy Katy Perry, party girl Ke$ha, the cast of “Jackass” and Kim Kardashian. And bad-girl comedian Chelsea Handler is the show’s host.

None of those named are musicians and nothing they do can honestly be called music by anyone who knows what music really is. They are purveyors of filth and examples of the depths to which humanity can sink. In fact, the whole thing looks to be nothing more than a gathering of filth and trash. The sort of thing you’d find at your local garbage dump. Which is exactly where their shows, videos, and cds belong.

Let’s think for a moment- if the kinds of persons seen on the MTV awards show are what the rest of the world sees of the US, then no wonder they have such a low opinion of us and our society.  They should, if that’s what our country really gives the world.

What’s With the Boatload of Spam in Arabic?

no spam!

For the last week or so I’ve been getting a boatload of spam email in Arabic from various Yahoo and Yemeni addresses.  The subject line- عيد سعيد – بنك سبأ الاسلامي

Which translates to Happy Holiday- Saba Islamic Bank.

Bad news, spammers, I’m not Muslim so Ramadan is a meaningless holiday to me.  I don’t observe it and I don’t celebrate it any more than Muslims celebrate Christmas or Easter.

So, kind as your happy and immensely annoying emails are, cease and desist.  My mailbox can’t take it any more.

Some People Don’t Take Criticism Very Well

A arrest during the demonstration at the Asia–...

What the police should do to all street performers

Wisconsin police say a street musician apparently upset by criticism of his music bashed a man over the head with his guitar, slammed another person into a wall and wrestled with an officer before being arrested. Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain tells The Capital Times that 31-year-old Brandin Hochstrasser, known as “Bongo Jesus,” was performing Thursday when a 54-year-old man knocked his music. DeSpain says the two argued and police were called when Hochstrasser began hitting his critic with his guitar. DeSpain says Hochstrasser then charged the man, knocking him down. An officer used a stun gun to subdue and arrest Hochstrasser.

Friends, if you ever happen upon anyone named ‘Bongo’ anything just turn around and go in the other direction. ‘Bongo’ is a dead giveaway that the person so named is an unhinged maniac.

‘Hi street performer, what’s your name?’ ‘Bong… hey, why you runnin away man?’ Running is the only sensible course of action when confronted by creepy street performers anyway.

Mid East Peace? Forget It

Map of Israel, the Palestinian territories (We...

Hamas security officials say three Palestinians have been killed by Israeli tank fire in the northern Gaza Strip. Five people were wounded. There was no immediate comment Sunday from the Israeli military. Israeli forces and Palestinians frequently clash in the area. Israel charges that Palestinians try to infiltrate or plant explosives along Gaza’s border with Israel. Palestinians say that Israel is enforcing a wide no-go zone in Gaza, and that soldiers open fire on farmers and other civilians who enter.

The Israeli/Palestinian conflict reminds me of a married couple. They’ve been together so long and grown to hate each other so much that they simply cannot and will not get along no matter what or who intercedes. The two of them should just get a divorce and move as far away from each other as possible. So I have a solution-

Israel can move to Germany (if anyone owes them land it’s the Germans, right?) and Palestine can move to Texas. It’s the same wretched and empty landscape and they will feel right at home. Besides, frankly, if we could move Texans to the middle east it would be fantastic.

That way neither one gets the land dog they’ve been fighting over so spitefully for so long.  And the Middle East will finally be at peace.

I know, it’s the perfect solution.  That’s why it will be ignored.

Where in the World is James Crossley Now?

Playing goalie… just not too well…

But Man U could sure use him right now.

Aussie Churches Ban Sports Songs… At Funerals…

Australia, you never cease to amaze and amuse.

Sports anthems and popular songs such as Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” have been banned from funerals at more than 200 Australian churches after new orders from Melbourne’s archbishop. The edict follows a study that found the signature song for Australian Rules Football team Collingwood was one of the top requests at Melbourne funerals, along with “My Way” and the Bette Midler version of “The Wind Beneath My Wings”.

The fact that those songs are being sung in the first place… well befuddling. But of course Australia is the home of Mark Stevens, so, well, I suppose singing bar songs and drinking beer and going topless at funerals is probably just par for the course.

1 Down, 2 to Go Iran

A senior Iranian prosecutor said Sunday that authorities will release a jailed American woman on $500,000 bail because of health problems, another sudden about-face by Iran in a case that has added to tension with the United States. The news came during a weekend of start-and-stop announcements about the release of Sarah Shourd, who was detained with two friends, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, along the Iran-Iraq border on July 31, 2009, and accused of spying.

It’s time to release all three of these kids. They are no more spies than Joel Watts. So, Iran, just do the right thing and let all three go – without bail. They’ve been wrongly held long enough.

My Sentiments Exactly

Please, just do not ever feed them.  Via Seth Sanders on FB.