Biblical Studies Journal Announcement

SAPIENTIA LOGOS (ISSN: 2006-6198)—is an international academic journal of biblical research and interpretation in Africa, published each October and May, by Hokma House—Centre for Biblical Research® (Jos-Nigeria). The journal is devoted to exploring the religious, conceptual, literary, cultural, historical, socio-economic, geo-political and theological (con-)“texts,” “traditions” and “themes” of the Bible vis-à-vis the world of antiquity. The journal strives to achieve a holistic interpretation of Scripture, and select contributions self-consciously move towards a constructive engagement with African life and thought in light of biblical issues. For e-version of instructions for authors and other inquiries (e.g., institutional subscription), please contact the general editor, Randee Ijatuyi-Morphé at:

The current editorial board consists of: Diana Edelman (Sheffield), David Ekem (Legon-Accra), Paul Ellingworth (Aberdeen), Craig Evans (Nova Scotia), Theodore Hiebert (Chicago), Andrew Igenoza (Ife/Manchester), Jeremy Punt (Stellenbosch), Kenton Sparks (Philadelphia), and Cephas Tushima (Jos).

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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