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Atheists And Their Hypocrisy

Atheists don’t want folk running around burning the Qur’an because that’s ‘crazy’ but it’s ok if the Bible is burned.  Anyone should be allowed to burn the Bible or Huck Finn if they want. Duane Smith provides the proof that … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Man Who Killed His Wife Because of Her Cooking…

And then he killed his step-daughter and three neighbors and then himself just for good measure. A man facing eviction over his hostile temper became enraged by how his wife cooked his eggs and killed her, his stepdaughter and three … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Case of Wayne Rooney

Dude is depraved. Wayne Rooney was dropped from Manchester United for Saturday’s match at former club Everton because manager Alex Ferguson feared fans would abuse the striker who is facing an alleged sex scandal. Manchester United conceded two stoppage-time goals … Continue reading

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It’s True…

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Biblical Studies Journal Announcement

SAPIENTIA LOGOS (ISSN: 2006-6198)—is an international academic journal of biblical research and interpretation in Africa, published each October and May, by Hokma House—Centre for Biblical Research® (Jos-Nigeria). The journal is devoted to exploring the religious, conceptual, literary, cultural, historical, socio-economic, … Continue reading

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Debunking Zwinglian Myths

Every now and again I’ll be debunking myths and legends related to the life of Huldrych Zwingli.  That because 1) too few people actually read Zwingli.  And 2) too many people read about Zwingli in sources that aren’t always reliable. … Continue reading

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Minimalism and Ancient Historiography

Tom’s got some interesting observations certainly worth considering. In a recent discussion over the esteemed Jim West’s erudite explanation of minimalism over at Bible and Interpretation, J. R. Daniel Kirk wrote the following (towards the end of an excellent blogessay): … Continue reading

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It’s Saturday and the Bloggers Have Gone Shopping…

Let’s see who’s out and about today…

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The Horror of Forced Conversion: Cats Truly are Evil

Rocky may turn out to be the only squirrel who grows up thinking he’s a cat, as he’s picking up their habits quite fast. When Emmy the cat got pregnant and had kittens, her former owner could no longer taker … Continue reading

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In Memory of Sts. Felix and Regula

September 11 is the Memorial of Saints Felix and Regula, the Patrons of Zurich. Legend has it that Felix and Regula, Roman Christians and the patron saints of Zürich, fled to the city from the massacre of their legion in … Continue reading

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I Recall Exactly

What I was doing 9 years ago at this exact moment.  I’d finished a class on the Historical Jesus and had gotten in my car and while driving home the radio hummed with detail after detail of tragic plane crash … Continue reading

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