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Atheists And Their Hypocrisy

Atheists don’t want folk running around burning the Qur’an because that’s ‘crazy’ but it’s ok if the Bible is burned.  Anyone should be allowed to burn the Bible or Huck Finn if they want.

Duane Smith provides the proof that atheists (and he represents atheists because he is one) want anything but Christianity tolerated.  He writes on 7 September

In reaction to the crazy and dangerous suggestion that people here in America burn the Qur’an on September 11 of this year, I think I will reread the Qur’an on that day.

Those are his words. ‘Crazy and dangerous’. But, alas, on September 11, a scant 4 days later, he writes

On Burning Bibles — If that’s what someone wants to do, fine. Let them do it.

So in his own words it’s crazy to burn the Qur’an, but fine to burn the Bible… Does anyone else smell the stench of hypocrisy?  I again state, clearly, that atheists aren’t against religion per se, they are just against Christianity.  They should abandon their hypocritical pretense and just admit it.

Total Depravity: The Man Who Killed His Wife Because of Her Cooking…

Burned Eggs

Image by Ari Herzog via Flickr

And then he killed his step-daughter and three neighbors and then himself just for good measure.

A man facing eviction over his hostile temper became enraged by how his wife cooked his eggs and killed her, his stepdaughter and three neighbors with a shotgun before shooting himself on Saturday. Trooper Jody Sims of the Kentucky State Police said 47-year-old Stanley Neace killed the five people in two mobile homes in rural eastern Kentucky around 11:30 a.m., then went to his home and turned the gun on himself. Neighbors in the roadside mobile home park said Nease stormed across the lawns of about seven homes in his pajamas and fired dozens of shots from a 12-gauge pump shotgun.

This might sound awful- and it is- but given the fact that these murderous cowards always kill themselves after they’ve destroyed other lives, why don’t they put into practice the Biblical saying ‘the first shall be last, and the last first’, and just off themselves without hurting anyone else? If their lives are so miserable and they are unwilling to get help for their clear psychological disturbances, why on earth don’t they ever just leave others alone? Because, I fear, they are truly evil enfleshed at that moment and are bent by hell to pure wickedness. Hell is in their hearts and hell comes out in their actions.

Preferable to it all would be to beat guns into waffle irons and spears into pruning hooks.  But of course that will never happen in this corrupt world filled as it is with the most corrupt sorts of people.

Total Depravity: The Case of Wayne Rooney

Dude is depraved.

He has a cross on his arm- doesn't that make him a Christian?

Wayne Rooney was dropped from Manchester United for Saturday’s match at former club Everton because manager Alex Ferguson feared fans would abuse the striker who is facing an alleged sex scandal. Manchester United conceded two stoppage-time goals for a 3-3 draw against Everton. Rooney has been the subject of lurid headlines after a prostitute claimed in several papers last Sunday that he repeatedly cheated on his then-pregnant wife Coleen last year. The Rooneys, who married two years ago, issued a statement Friday that referred to “many inaccurate and intrusive stories” as they appealed for privacy to “resolve any issues.” By dropping the 24-year-old Rooney from United’s squad on Saturday, Ferguson spared him the hostile reception he was likely to receive at Everton, the Premier League rival he left in acrimony six years ago.

If the prostitute is telling the truth (and let’s face it, she probably is- it’s exactly the sort of thing we’ve come to expect of this generation of Tiger Woods-ians), then what is it exactly that drives a successful man with a beautiful wife to risk everything for momentary pleasure? I’m really fascinated by all the high profile wealthy guys who are on top of the world in terms of their careers who do the absolute stupidest and most depraved things. Don’t they know that their fame will be their undoing? It’s just so nonsensical.

It’s True…

Biblical Studies Journal Announcement

SAPIENTIA LOGOS (ISSN: 2006-6198)—is an international academic journal of biblical research and interpretation in Africa, published each October and May, by Hokma House—Centre for Biblical Research® (Jos-Nigeria). The journal is devoted to exploring the religious, conceptual, literary, cultural, historical, socio-economic, geo-political and theological (con-)“texts,” “traditions” and “themes” of the Bible vis-à-vis the world of antiquity. The journal strives to achieve a holistic interpretation of Scripture, and select contributions self-consciously move towards a constructive engagement with African life and thought in light of biblical issues. For e-version of instructions for authors and other inquiries (e.g., institutional subscription), please contact the general editor, Randee Ijatuyi-Morphé at: hh_cbrp@yahoo.co.uk.

The current editorial board consists of: Diana Edelman (Sheffield), David Ekem (Legon-Accra), Paul Ellingworth (Aberdeen), Craig Evans (Nova Scotia), Theodore Hiebert (Chicago), Andrew Igenoza (Ife/Manchester), Jeremy Punt (Stellenbosch), Kenton Sparks (Philadelphia), and Cephas Tushima (Jos).

Via Viv Rowett.

Debunking Zwinglian Myths

The Grossmunster and the Limmat

Every now and again I’ll be debunking myths and legends related to the life of Huldrych Zwingli.  That because 1) too few people actually read Zwingli.  And 2) too many people read about Zwingli in sources that aren’t always reliable.

It was related by a Professor of Church History to our undergrad class (back in the early 80’s) that when Zwingli rejected the playing of organs at Zurich’s churches that he took the key to the organ at the Grossmunster and tossed it in the Limmat, the river that bisects Zurich and empties into the Lake Zurich.

That Professor was wrong.  He was merely repeating a legend he had either heard or he made it up himself (the same way Scott Bailey does when he writes about Zwingli, by the way- evidently forgetting that Rev 21:8 proclaims that all liars have their place in the lake of fire).

I have combed all the primary sources, the major biographies by Potter, Morikofer, Locher, and Farner, consulted with every Historian familiar with Zwingli’s life including my colleagues in the Zwingliverein as well as WP Stephens and Diarmaid MacCulloch and none have ever heard of such a deed.

That myth is simply busted.  So if anyone ever tells you that Zwingli threw the key of the organ into the river you can confidently assert- no he didn’t!

Minimalism and Ancient Historiography

Tom’s got some interesting observations certainly worth considering.

In a recent discussion over the esteemed Jim West’s erudite explanation of minimalism over at Bible and Interpretation, J. R. Daniel Kirk wrote the following (towards the end of an excellent blogessay): But before signing up for the guild of biblical minimalists, I’d want to ask if the bifurcation and choosing of sides between historical maximalism and theological minimalism isn’t, itself, a function of the same modern tendency that brought us th … Read More

via The Musings of Thomas Verenna

It’s Saturday and the Bloggers Have Gone Shopping…

Let’s see who’s out and about today…

The Horror of Forced Conversion: Cats Truly are Evil

A six-week-old kitten.

Satan's Minion

Rocky may turn out to be the only squirrel who grows up thinking he’s a cat, as he’s picking up their habits quite fast. When Emmy the cat got pregnant and had kittens, her former owner could no longer taker care of her, so Jim and Karen Watkins stepped in. But they were in for a surprise, because with the 18 cats they brought to their home came a baby squirrel. Rocky the squirrel fell out of a tree in the yard of the former owner’s home, WLBT reports. When unable to get back up the tree, the owner took a bold move, and put Rocky right in with the litter of kittens. Emmy immediately took to Rocky, and cared for him as if he were just another of her litter. Now Rocky acts right at home, and as can be seen in this clip from MSNBC, he even purrs when pet, just like the other kittens.

Wicked cats… not satisfied with spewing out their own litters, they are now forcing poor, helpless, orphan squirrels to convert to their vile cult. That’s total depravity of the most profane sort.

In Memory of Sts. Felix and Regula

The Myrtyrdom of Felix and Regula

September 11 is the Memorial of Saints Felix and Regula, the Patrons of Zurich.

Legend has it that Felix and Regula, Roman Christians and the patron saints of Zürich, fled to the city from the massacre of their legion in Valais in the third century AD. They were martyred by decapitation on the site of today’s Wasserkirche for refusing to pray to Roman gods, whereupon they picked up their heads and carried them up the hill to the spot where they wished to be buried. Over the next centuries, pilgrims came from all over the region to pray at the graves of the saints, even though the legend of their martyrdom was probably one which survived by word of mouth only. By the eighth century the story had been written down, in conjunction with another tale in which Charlemagne arrived at the same spot having hunted a stag all the way from Aachen near Köln, when his horse suddenly went down on its knees in deference to the saints buried beneath. Charlemagne proceeded to found a church and adjacent chapterhouse in their honour, the forerunner of the Grossmünster. In the late ninth century, relics of the saints were transferred to the newly rebuilt Fraumünster, the women’s convent just across the Limmat, forming a pilgrimage trail through the city: the Grossmünster as the site of burial, the Wasserkirche as the site of execution, and the Fraumünster as the repository of the saints’ remains. A bridge – the Münsterbrücke – was built to link all three in about 1220.

I Recall Exactly

What I was doing 9 years ago at this exact moment.  I’d finished a class on the Historical Jesus and had gotten in my car and while driving home the radio hummed with detail after detail of tragic plane crash after crash.  By the time I got home, I couldn’t tear myself away from CNN.  It was simply surreal, considering the fact that my family and I had stood on the top of the World Trade Center not even 6 months before.

I watched, stunned, all day.  That evening a quickly arranged town vigil resulted in the presence of a large crowd at one of the Churches.

Shocked is the word that comes to mind on every anniversary of that event.  Shock and horror at the unbelievable brutality which human beings are capable of.

Perhaps one day we will learn to use words instead of weapons.  I fear I won’t live to see it, however, given the disposition of most towards power and control over peace and compassion.