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The Anti-Anonymity Trend is Spreading


Even the Canadians are growing weary of cowardly whiners who hide behind their much coveted and much abused anonymity.

The CBC is considering a new policy whereby people commenting on news stories must use their real names, a corporation spokesman has said in response to complaints from an MP. On Wednesday, Charlottetown MP Shawn Murphy issued a release calling for an end to anonymous commenting on news stories. He called many of the comments on the websites for CBC P.E.I. and the Charlottetown Guardian “hateful, many times untrue, and potentially defamatory.” Jeff Keay, head of media relations for CBC English services, said Thursday that the corporation is looking at whether it should adopt a new online commenting policy. Keay said most news agencies are struggling with the issue. He pointed to a newspaper editorial page as a possible model. “People have to sign their real name, and the newspapers, for example, will check and verify the identity of the person,” said Keay.

And so it should be everywhere.  And this cannot ever be repeated too often until it is universally true that every site which allows comments (including blogs) should require persons to divulge themselves fully and if not, comments should not be approved.

That doesn’t mean that all those details need to be posted. But they should clearly be shared with the site or blog owner. People not willing to own their words are not worthy to have their words heard.  And let’s face it- masks only belong on clowns.

J.R.D. Kirk on ‘Minimalism’

I commend to your attention Professor Kirk’s very helpful and very thoughtful reaction to my recent essay in Bible and Interpretation on ‘minimalism’.  I very much appreciate his correct apprehension of my piece and his interaction with it.

That’s Not Appropriate School Wear

The photomodels has given her rights on her ow...

Samuel Ward Arts and Technology College in Haverhill, England sent home dozens of students on the first day of school for wearing jeggings (jeans + leggings) and regular leggings, the Express UK reports. Parents received a letter in July written by the school warning them that the administration would be taking actions in response to “non-regulation” clothing come fall. Samuel Ward’s Head Teacher Howard Lay told the Express, “Leggings and jeggings are not part of the uniform code. But around 60 students turned up not wearing the right uniform. Half were sent home and the rest stayed on site and had supervised study.” One of the girl’s fathers spoke to the Haverhill Weekly News, remarking, “It’s just stupid. It’s not always easy for parents to buy the right kind of clothing. It seems crazy for them to be so strict about it and leave pupils not taking part in lessons.” According to the News, Lay did have staff members take one mother shopping who couldn’t buy proper pants for her daughter.

No, what’s stupid, sir, is knowing that an item of clothing won’t be allowed and then allowing your child to wear exactly that piece of clothing and then acting outraged. That, sir, is the definition of stupidity.  Apparently some parents in Britain are as good at acting like they don’t know what things mean as various bloggers.

Parents are obliged to guide their children into what’s proper and what isn’t.  And wearing skin tight show every crease pants at school is not what anyone can deem appropriate.  Or even decent.

Haydn’s ‘Palindrome’ Symphony (#47)

You’ll like this-

Why Commemorating 9/11 Matters, Theologically

Because 9/11/2010 may be the day that the whole world finally comes to its senses, the lightbulb finally snaps on, and it realizes the folly of war, and every government on the planet ‘beat their spears into pruning hooks’.

God willing.

Sometimes We Just Need a Sign (via Near Emmaus)

Quite so… still some people aren’t smart enough to read them when they’re staring them in their mustachioed face…

Sometimes We Just Need a Sign

via Near Emmaus

Belgian Priest’s Abuse of Children Led to At Least 13 Suicides

The Catholic Church of St Mary and St Finnan

Words cannot express the pure sorrow that this causes me:

Hundreds of sex abuse victims have come forward in Belgium with harrowing accounts of molestation by Catholic clergy that reportedly led to at least 13 suicides and affected children as young as two, a special commission said Friday. Professor Peter Adriaenssens, chairman of the commission, said the abuse in Belgium may have been even more rampant than the 200-page report suggests. “Reality is worse than what we present here today because not everyone shares such things automatically in a first contact with the commission,” he told reporters.

Do you know who I blame? Certainly not the victims (ever!). And not the Catholic Church either. All of Catholicism can’t be blamed for what a few of its representatives do any more than can all of Christianity be blamed for what the Balloon Boy pastor in Florida does nor Muslims for the ridiculous radicals who strap bombs on themselves.

I blame those wicked priests; those individual men who, totally depraved (and not just sick), took advantage of children as young as 2. Those who abused and molested whose victims live with the scars and those whose victims could no longer endure the pain are all guilty of great sin. A few hail Mary’s and a few sobbing words of penance won’t suffice. Prison. That’s their just punishment. For life.

We Are Not Amused…

The faux twitterer is in the back having his backside beaten by the demon

Are we?  No, we are not.  Someone is actually poaching posts and twitterfying them.  I’m certain that there’s a special place in hell for such demonic creatures as would do such a dastardly thing.   Open wide your mouth, Sheol, to receive them.

(I’ve set the scene as my desktop background because it will remind me daily to pray against for the evil faux twitterer and his impending damnation potential salvation).

Bloggers and their Favorite Magazines

Terry Jones Is Nothing More Than A Publicity Seeking Balloon Boy…

Media outside house in Fort Collins where 'bal...

The media at the balloon boy circus

And the media is feeding his sense of importance.  So I agree with Ms Huffington.  I think she’s right on the mark.

“It’s a little bit like watching events unfold in an alternate universe that has nothing to do with what is really happening in this country, with the plight of the jobless, the people losing their homes,” she said, comparing the situation to “balloon boy” Falcon Heene. “By having Donald Trump insert himself — who else is going to insert himself into this three-ring circus?”

Indeed. When Trump’s involved, the circus is truly in town.

Cargill… on Beliefnet?

Image representing BeliefNet as depicted in Cr...

I guess stranger things have happened…  Though I can’t think of many.  So if you have the stomach for a site so littered with ads (this morning it’s for Mormonism)(but of course what Beliefnet really believes in is profit) that it takes longer to load than it does to read, do trot on over and give Bob’s piece a look.  It’s vintage Bob (though how anything under 100 can be called vintage I do not know).

Pray for San Bruno

A gas line explosion has rocked a San Fran suburb.  At least one is dead and more are feared dead.  Many were also injured and a lot of property has been completely destroyed.  And at this moment the fire is uncontained.  The San Fran Gate reports

With a thunderous roar heard for miles, a natural gas line explosion ripped through a San Bruno neighborhood Thursday evening, sending up a geyser of fire that killed at least one person and injured more than 20 others, and igniting a blaze that destroyed 53 homes and damaged 120 more, authorities said.

Do pray.

Please Help My Daughter…

I normally don’t mention personal issues here, but if you’re a knitter and you can help my precious little daughter I’d be grateful.   😉

The Fate Deserved by Conrad ‘The Syphilitic’ Grebel

A picture is worth 1000 words…  In response to the violent and unprovoked attack of the Grebelite syphilitics

Lambertikirche Wiedertäuferkäfige

In Germany they know how to handle Grebel the syphilitic.  Put ’em in a basket and lower ’em into the river let the birds eat ’em!   Grebel escaped this fate by having the good sense to die before he could be executed.  Still, oh for the good old days.  For this is the fate surely deserved by those wicked souls guilty of naming me after that most depraved of all internet pretenders, G.H.  (With thanks to Irene Hahn on FB for the picture).

On Marketing Books and Blogs

I found this report on NPR this morning pretty interesting– especially given the willingness of publishers to send review books to bloggers and others.  I’m not complaining, believe me.  And publishers are happy to do it.  After all, what’s the cost of a few books compared to the massive ‘free’ advertising which can be garnered by (some) blogs for those volumes.

Naturally, however, the tendency is to say nice things about books even if one doesn’t really believe they’re worthwhile because once one gets a taste of free books it’s hard to break the habit.  Free books are to scholars what crack is to a street trollop.  There is, indeed, a risk to saying negative things about books freely sent.

I once wrote a review that was less than complimentary (though I’ve written way more than a few such).  The publisher – which had up to that point sent volumes fairly regularly- stopped doing so.  This made it clear to me that books being sent by said publisher were not really for review, but for pumping up.

Some publishers will send volumes truly for review and others, it has to be said, send books only because they want them publicized.  It’s up to the blogger to be honest and actually review books and not simply be used as a means of essentially free publicity by publishers.  If, that is, the blogger has integrity.

How can you tell which publishers are just using you?  Easy- if you write a negative review and they still send you stuff, then they are interested in honest feedback and dialogue.  If, though, you write a negative review and you get the cold shoulder from the publisher, well then you clearly know what’s what.

More Gun Violence

Clockwise start at the top left: Glock G22, Gl...


Minutes after a woman was suspended from her job at a Kraft Foods Inc. plant and was escorted out, she returned with a handgun and opened fire, killing two people and critically injuring a third before being taken into custody, police said. The shootings occurred shortly after 8:30 p.m. Thursday inside a northeast Philadelphia plant where workers for the nation’s largest food manufacturer make cookies and crackers. About 10 minutes after the woman was escorted out, she returned in a car and drove through a security barrier before re-entering the building on foot, Lt. Frank Vanore said. As she walked inside, she fired a shot at an employee who had followed her in and had yelled, “Hide, she’s got a gun!” Vanore said. That shot missed. The woman then shot the three victims, said police, who didn’t immediately release the victims’ identities or say whether they had been targeted. Officers responded and isolated the shooter in a room, and she fired a shot at them but missed, Vanore said.

If our country is going to continue to insist that anyone who wants a gun can get one, then the only rational thing to do is make those wishing to buy one undergo a psychological evaluation. Sure, some freaky loons will slip through the cracks, but it’s better to try to be safe than constantly and repeatedly sorry.

But then again, some people’s willingness to learn is directly proportional to their level of intelligence.