A Final Thought on the Qur’an Burning Falsely Called ‘Christians’

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I hope with all my heart that Muslims around the world and other persons of some other faith don’t think that the people at the Dove Outreach Center in Florida represent real Christianity.  They no more represent our true faith than radical Muslims represent Islam.

We – the followers of Jesus, the Christ we confess – have neither part nor parcel with hatemongers or destroyers of the sacred texts of other faiths.  Jesus taught us to love.  He didn’t teach us to hate.

Hatred in all its manifestations always comes from Satan.  He is its originator and he is its lord.  And those who follow hatred follow its lord, Satan.

So please, please, don’t believe those people in Florida to be Christians.  They just aren’t.  If they were, they wouldn’t act like they’re planning to.

4 thoughts on “A Final Thought on the Qur’an Burning Falsely Called ‘Christians’

  1. The main problem is that many evaluate Islam on a relatively small portion that are extremists. And many people will use this group as a way to evaluate Christianity.


    • that’s why im asking them not to. i dont want those floridians representing me any more than good muslims want the radicals representing them.


  2. Now you understand why Muslims trying to assimilate in the West, say radical Islamists aren’t Muslims.


  3. Sagt Heine: Dort wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man auch am Ende Menschen.


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