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The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

I learned today of a new commentary series whose first volumes should be available next year but which folk may want to learn of now so as to keep an eye out for them.

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary is a brand new, 44-volume commentary series which incorporates the latest critical biblical scholarship and is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective.  The EEC is the next standard commentary on the entire Bible for evangelicals. Now, a new generation of pastors, students, and scholars will turn to the EEC for expert commentary from the leading scholars on the Bible.

You can see the list of contributors here.  And you can preorder the entire series here.

A Final Thought on the Qur’an Burning Falsely Called ‘Christians’

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

I hope with all my heart that Muslims around the world and other persons of some other faith don’t think that the people at the Dove Outreach Center in Florida represent real Christianity.  They no more represent our true faith than radical Muslims represent Islam.

We – the followers of Jesus, the Christ we confess – have neither part nor parcel with hatemongers or destroyers of the sacred texts of other faiths.  Jesus taught us to love.  He didn’t teach us to hate.

Hatred in all its manifestations always comes from Satan.  He is its originator and he is its lord.  And those who follow hatred follow its lord, Satan.

So please, please, don’t believe those people in Florida to be Christians.  They just aren’t.  If they were, they wouldn’t act like they’re planning to.

My Only Refuge… The Knowledge That So They Persecuted the Prophets Before Me…

So when the tools of Satan persecute meek and mild, gentle and warm, friendly and accessible, adorable, giving, and absolutely the least elitist and least condescending person on the planet (i.e., me), I’m not at all surprised.  No, not at all.  That’s what they did to the Prophets before me.  I shall endure their malignancy armed with the certain assurance that they will … well, let me just show you where they’re going…

I just hope you guys have asbestos undies.  On second thought, nah.  Fry baby fry!!!!!

Sure, Get The Asian Guy To Set Up Your Electronic Device… When Racism Paid Off

Personal Handy-phone System mobiles and modems...

Good heavens those militants are idiots, aren’t they.

A Japanese journalist held hostage in Afghanistan for five months managed to send out a message via Twitter that he was alive when his captors asked him how to use a cell phone. Just days before he was freed, Kosuke Tsuneoka said one of the militants brought him his new cell phone and asked the prisoner to set it up. The younger militants were more interested in accessing Al-Jazeera on the phone, but Tsuneoka managed to shift their attention to Twitter, successfully getting them to ask him to demonstrate how it worked. “That’s how I got the message out,” Tsuneoka told a news conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, a day after he arrived safely back in Japan. “I’m sure they never thought they were tricked.”

Their idiocy and racism worked against them. Well done, Kosuke, well done indeed sir.

The moral? Always try to be kidnapped with an Asian guy. Your feckless captors will have him show them how to use their cell phones and you’ll be freed.

‘I Shall Never Surrender…’

Emergency "Twitter was down so I wrote my...

To twitterdom.  In spite of the vast conspiracy against me– I shall not be moved.  I received a letter of encouragement from Nick Norelli which I repeat here-

Stand firm in your anti-Twitter convictions! I know it might seem like you’re alone, given all the Twits and sycophants roaming around constantly tapping the keys to their ridiculously overpriced phones, but God has 7000 more like you whose knees have not bowed down to Twitter and whose fingers have never tweeted a thing.  ;-)Nick Norelli

And so I shall remain unbowed!  Even though the gates of Hell itself should open and allow the hoards of Satan to pour forth!

I’ve Never Been to Massachusettes…

harvey cox's cow

Harvey Cox

But I’d like to be there now- or at least I’d like to be there for a few days for a few weeks, because this lecture series looks really interesting-

The Beck Lecture series will kick off on Monday, September 20th. This initial lecture, entitled “Moses, the Exodus and Archaeology”, will take place at Andover Newton Theological School’s Wilson Chapel. On October 4th, the series moves all the way to the First Congregational Church in Stockbridge where Dr. Cox will deliver the second lecture in the series, entitled “Jeremiah, Job and the Biblical View of Suffering”. “Jesus in Jerusalem: The Gospels and the New Research” (Lecture #3) will be given on October 18 at First Parish in Weston and “Where Paul Stands After the New Scroll Finds” (#4) will take place on October 25 at Salem Covenant Church in Worcester. The Beck Lectures will then wrap up at historic Old South Church in Boston on November 1 with “Rescuing Revelation from the Religious Right”. All lectures will begin at 7:30 p.m. and are free and open to the public.

The lecturer is none other than Harvey Cox (I thought he was dead, no really).  If you’re in Mass you might want to check them out.  It’s a small State.  If you really wanted to you could attend them all.

Stupid German Communists

Logo of the DKP, the German Communist Party

To sweeten their first day at primary school German children are normally given a cardboard cone filled with sweets, but schoolchildren in Essen this year opened their cones to find pens which project erotic images. Children attending the Adolf Reichwein School in the northwestern German city were handed cones containing the pens by members of the German Communist Party, according to the school’s headmaster. Angry parents who discovered that the pens given to their six-year-old children could project erotic images of women informed the headmaster. In a press release the German Communist Party stated that it had purchased the pens from a discount store, which had said the pens lit up at the push of a button.

Essen Germans won’t be voting Communist any time soon. But now the wry twist-

“The German Communist Party deeply regrets what has happened and is outraged that this kind of thing, which borders on pornography, can be purchased in normal shops,” it said, adding that its lawyers were now investigating whether the vendors could be prosecuted. The party has offered to exchange the pens for something more suitable for children.

As if they didn’t know what they bought. Please. And something more suitable? Counseling perhaps?  The thing is, if such things weren’t produced, they would never be ‘accidentally’ distributed.

There Never Has Been, Is Not Now, Nor Will There Ever Be…


These are the faces of Twitterdom

A Jim West twitter.  At least not this particular one.  So if you ever see or hear of such pretending to be me know now and know forever, it’s rubbish and falsehood.  Else what happened to the sad and sorry reporter from the Washington Post may be your fate as well:

Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart fell for a fake congressional Twitter account Monday night, writing a story based on the hoax @RepJackKimble account (via New York Observer). “Rep. Jack Kimble” is a fake Republican congressman from California’s nonexistent 54th district. Capehart wrote an article baesd on a tweet the account sent last week: “Why have the wars cost so much under Obama? Check the budgets, Bush fought 2 wars without costing taxpayers a dime,” the tweet read. Capehart called that tweet a “stunning bit of fiscal ignorance,” and went on to analyze the nation’s budget and fiscal health.

Whatever happened to the journalist’s dictum – ‘check and double check’?  (Though that said, I do confess to finding it funny that the reporter took a tweet at face value as a legitimate source.  Sort of like trusting Wikipedia.)

UPDATE:  I’ve learned from the good folks at WordPress how to disable the ‘twitter’ aspect of the ‘share’ feature, so there! HA!  Take that J. Thompson and C. Brady!  HA!!!!

On Stephen Hawking: An Observation

I watched a bird in the back yard while I made coffee and I thought to myself, Stephen Hawking is the world’s biggest fool.


Downtown of Chattanooga, Tennessee

Stacy Swallows (a tragic name if ever there were one) is accused of holding teens at gunpoint in a cemetery.

Police have accused a high school teacher of holding teenagers at gunpoint after he found them ghost-hunting in a Tennessee graveyard. The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office says deputies went to Shipley Cemetery, outside of Chattanooga, on Saturday night after a complaint of shots fired. Police say they confiscated an assault rifle from 45-year-old Stacey Swallows. Several teens, ages 16-19, told deputies they had gone to the cemetery after reading an online ghost story about it. They say as they were leaving, Swallows blocked the road with his vehicle, pointed the rifle at them and told them to stay until police arrived.

Come on now, who hasn’t wanted to hold teens at gunpoint until the police arrived?  I guess the guy just snapped.  But ‘ghost hunting’?  No- they were there to do mischief and then made up some lame story when they got caught (as teens are wont to do).   And by the way, the fact that the guy is a teacher is totally irrelevant.  If he were a garbage collector would they have mentioned that?   It wasn’t a school cemetery and he wasn’t armed on school time or school property.  He was just a guy who probably had gotten tired of teens vandalizing a cemetery and decided he had had enough.


Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Chris, love ya like a very tall bearded brother, but, nah, no thanks.  Though the majority of my observations are brief (I’m not German enough to write 3 volumes on the problem of the enclitic mem) and though I thoroughly believe in getting to the point instead of dancing around it, Twitter isn’t for me.  ‘Follow me’…  I just can’t justify that sentiment theologically.  To me, it’s the equivalent of saying ‘everyone is good’.  I can’t manage it.

(And as it now stands, this post contains 91 words- that’s way more than 140 characters!).

There’s Always Money For Political Manipulation

Seal of the United States Federal Election Com...

Don’t fret the high unemployment rate- there’s plenty of money out there.  For politicians through lobbyists.

Turns out politics, for all its focus on the gloomy economy, is a recession-proof industry. This year’s volatile election is bursting with money, setting fundraising and spending records in a high-stakes struggle for control of Congress amid looser but still fuzzy campaign finance rules. Based on the latest financial reports, House and Senate candidates in this election cycle raised nearly $1.2 billion, well ahead of the pace for contests in 2008, 2006 and 2004. Races for governor in 37 states — more than half of those for open seats — are also setting fundraising records. Billionaire Republican Meg Whitman leads the way, pumping $104 million of her own money into her campaign for California governor. “We may be on track for the most expensive cycle ever, even more than ’08, which is really hard to believe,” said Michael Toner, a campaign finance lawyer at Bryan Cave and a former Federal Election Commission chairman.

Buying office- it’s the American way (and you can be sure that they aren’t buying them just for the salaries or their sense of ‘public service’).