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Dear God

I have a question I hope you won’t mind answering one day.  Why do you let people like this live? Carlotta Pierce Why do you allow such wickedness as seems to be the case here? The police are investigating the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“But this I know: the theologians of every country only half discharge their duties if they think it enough to treat of the Gospel in the recondite language of learning and bury it in scholarly folios.” – Adolf Von Harnack … Continue reading

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They Weren’t Really in the Mood to Fight…

So during the First Kappel War (in 1529), the Catholics and Reformed shared dinner. As Schaff relates The hostile armies faced each other from Cappel and Baar, but hesitated to advance. Catholic guards would cross over the border to be … Continue reading

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Craigslist Has Removed its Adult Services Section…

So all the prostitutes have moved over to the ‘personal ads‘ section. Craigslist closed the adult services section of its website Saturday, replacing it with a black bar that says “censored,” just over a week after a group of state … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Despise the US Government

This is pure sickening.  I’m so glad my tax dollars are bailing out Afghans.  It does so warm my heart.  Meanwhile, the US economy is in the toilet, jobs are still not coming back, construction is stalled, our own banks … Continue reading

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Faith and Good Works: Busch on Calvin

Eberhard Busch’s lecture to the theological faculty of the University of Zurich from 2000 is a grand read.  And I mention it only because of that fact.

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Tony Blair Isn’t Popular in Dublin

Protesters hurled shoes and eggs Saturday as Tony Blair held the first public signing of his memoir amid high security in the Irish capital. Hundreds more people lined up to have their books autographed — evidence that the divisions left … Continue reading

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The Future of US Universities: An Uncertain Forecast

There’s a very interesting essay in The Star this morning that people in the States who are involved in Higher Ed and students of said institutions should read. After a few introductory paragraphs, the essayist observes Two right-wing think tanks, … Continue reading

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‘Writing the Dead Sea Scrolls’ is Available on YouTube

Okie dokie. Now Mark Stevens won’t have to try to get a copy of the not available anyway DVD. With thanks to Stephen Goranson for pointing it out. Part two is here, three is here, four is here, and five … Continue reading

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Humor in the Old Testament

If you haven’t read Gisela Matthiae’s fascinating essay in WiBiLex, you owe it to yourself to do it.  And if you aren’t familiar with WiBiLex, do give it a look.  It’s one fantastic resource for biblical studies.

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The Abortionists and Their Crimes

This is appalling but I wonder how many abortion providers are doing exactly the same thing and have just never been caught… Maryland health officials have ordered two doctors to stop performing abortions after a woman was critically injured during … Continue reading

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What’s Going on at the Pentegon?

And why aren’t child pornography purchases by workers there being investigated and prosecuted?  Are people at the Pentegon above the law?  Or is it just another in a long series of military cover-ups? A 2006 Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation … Continue reading

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Two New Volumes in the ‘Bible Briefs’ Series

Song of Songs by Tod Linafelt of Georgetown University and 1, 2, & 3 John by John Y. H. Yieh of Virginia Seminary. http://www.vts.edu/podium/default.aspx?t=118919 PDF downloads: http://www.vts.edu/ftpimages/95/download/FM.Linafelt.Song_of_Songs.pdf http://www.vts.edu/ftpimages/95/download/FM.Yieh.1-2-3-John.pdf Check them out, and the other volumes in the series.

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