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When You’re A Professional Athlete, You Are Above the Law

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisbe...

Look, he's praying- he must be an excellent Christian

And you can do whatsoever you please in the calm certainty that you will never receive any punishment worse than a slap on the wrist.  I say that because I think someone should just point out the obvious truth.  Here’s the proof (in case you need it) –

Ben Roethlisberger is getting time off for good behavior. He’ll be back on the field for the Pittsburgh Steelers two games earlier than expected after convincing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell he is turning his life around. The star quarterback, accompanied by team president Art Rooney, met with Goodell early Friday and was told he could return on Oct. 17 against Cleveland after missing four games. He was suspended in April for six games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, but Goodell said at the time he would review the player’s behavior over the next few months. Goodell was satisfied that Roethlisberger has followed the league’s guidelines and stayed out of trouble.

Yes he stayed out of trouble. Wow. That in itself is miraculous for an athlete. And given the fact that he molested an underage girl he needn’t have expected any harsher punishment than that nearly unbearable and cruel six whole game suspension which turned out to be just four games…

Yes, dear jocks, you’re above the law. You should enjoy it to the fullest and do whatever comes to mind. Don’t worry- no one will say anything.

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More ‘Let’s Cancel Worship Services For the Most Banal Reason’ Insanity

Jas. Holland - Labor Day (LOC)

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

There’s an area church which has, in it’s ‘wisdom’ decided that there are just too many community activities and travel plans this weekend for its poor benighted members to choose from.   So they think the best course of action, in order to free the little darlings up to do and go without that nagging guilt that comes with abandonment of commitment, is to cancel their Sunday night services.

Churches have canceled worship for Christmas and Easter (I’m not kidding).  But this is the first time I’ve ever seen a church cancel services for Labor Day.  Labor Day isn’t even a real holiday!

To this church and its members I say, why play favorites?  Every Sunday which precedes a Monday holiday should see the cancellation of Evening services.  And while they’re at it, they might as well go ahead and cancel Morning services too.

But of course such lackluster devotion to ‘the assembling of ourselves together’ is exactly the mentality which those cancers of modern ‘christianity’ called emergent and seeker sensitive are most willing to demonstrate.

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Wright Responds to Cargill

In Bible and Interpretation.  One observation is all I have on Wright’s essay- he evidently doesn’t believe what he says about the importance of peer review or he would have submitted his essay to a print journal and waited the usual 4 or 5 months or longer before it appeared.


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Total Depravity: The Girl Who Killed Puppies

Has been caught.  I hope the full extent of the law is dropped on her.

Police in Bosnia say they believe they have located a young woman shown in a video throwing puppies into a river. Police in the central Bosnian town of Bugojno said Friday they have found the girl they suspect is seen on the video killing six newborn puppies by throwing them into the river one by one. The disturbing video provoked worldwide outrage after being posted online earlier this week. Police say they have located the girl, who is a juvenile, from leads given by animal protection groups in the country. The girl’s parents will soon be questioned, police said. Under recently adopted animal protection law, people can be fined up to euro5,000 ($6,400) for cruel treatment of animals.

The fine doesn’t seem sufficient to me.

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More on the New Zealand Quake

These are the first photos that I’ve seen-

Appalling.  That’s the site to watch- they seem to be keeping it fresh.  And you praying sorts pray for the Kiwis.


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The European Association of Biblical Studies Has a New Web Address

Thessaloniki, Greece

It’s  Please update your links.  In other EABS news

Next year we will convene in Thessaloniki, Greece, from Monday through Thursday, August 8-11, 2011. Preparations are on their way and we are expecting a great meeting! Those of you who experienced the heat wave of Tartu will be glad to hear that both the hotel rooms and the meeting halls are air conditioned! Chairs of current research programs have received a separate email informing about the deadlines. We still invite new program units. If you want to set up a new unit (with one or two sessions) please contact the new Executive Officer Ronit Nikolsky ( before October 15th, 2010.

There will be a call for papers for those research programs that are open for paper submissions. The call for papers will open in the beginning of November and close in the end of February. Please keep watch on the website.

Nice huh!  I think I shall hit up my friend who gives me his frequent flier miles and go.  Live blogging EABS… how awesome would that be.

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New Zealand Rocked by a 7.4 Magnitude Quake

Space view of Christchurch and surrounding areas.

CNN has just reported-

7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes near Christchurch, New Zealand, USGS says.

I hope all our friends there are well and that damage is minimal.  MSNBC has more details.  Stay tuned.

UPDATENPR has the latest details.

A powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake and a series of sharp aftershocks rocked much of New Zealand’s South Island. No immediate tsunami alert has been issued and no injuries have been reported. The quake, which hit 19 miles west of the southern city of Christchurch, shook thousands of residents awake when it struck at 4:35 a.m. local time. Radio New Zealand reported that national emergency officials said there was significant road damage as well as damage to a number of buildings in the city of 400,000 people. About half of Christchurch’s central business district and all the suburbs were without power. Officials were waiting until daybreak to assess the impact, according to the radio report.


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Glenn Beck Lied… Wow, I’m Shocked

Fans of Glenn Beck at the Taxpayer March on Wa...

After being called on a white lie he told during his Restoring Honor rally, Glenn Beck admitted Thursday that he stretched the truth because he “thought it would be a little easier.” Beck had claimed that he held George Washington’s handwritten first Inaugural Address in his hands at the National Archives, but a spokeswoman at the institution said he did no such thing. Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz and others called him out for the fabrication. Thursday on his radio show, Beck copped to the lie. “I thought it would be a little easier in the speech,” Beck said…

Blah. Who cares what his explanation is. He’s a deceiver. All those Evangelicals hitching their wagon to the Mormon deceiver deserve all the side-ways glances they get.

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News From Refo500

With the within-10 -year-anniversary of the ‘beginning’ of the Reformation (wrongly traced to 1517 when in fact it began in 1516 with Zwingli’s breakthrough- but that’s another post) Refo500 is beginning to mention events.  Today it notes

De eerste conferentie van Refo500 in Noord-Amerika wordt op 27 en 28 september 2010 gehouden in de Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, met als titel: Celebration Reformation: Challenges and Chances between now and 2017. Lees meer informatie op de site van de Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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This Is Why Baptist Press Annoys Me So Much

Martial arts training session

It runs misleading headlines like this-

What does the Bible say about mixed martial arts?

Well the answer, people, is nothing at all. Not a word. Not a peep. The authors of the Bible know absolutely nothing about the modern phenomenon of mixed martial arts. To ask the question is to heap on the Bible nothing but misunderstanding and misprision.

It’s possible that a theology based on the Bible which denounces senseless violence could prooftext various bits and pieces and come up with a reason why Christians ought not participate in such mindless activities. But to imply or suggest, as the BP essay title does, that the Bible directly addresses the issue is pure and utter dilettantism of the first magnitude.

Are there no persons at all at Baptist Press who know anything about either the Bible or theology? Is the entire corporation bereft of persons who might say before some essay is published ‘hey that’s misleading, let’s not put it that way, let’s title it something like ‘What Can A Theological Reading of Various Biblical Texts Lead Us to Believe about MMA?”

Come on BP, think a little. That’s all I’m asking. Just think a little.  And for pity’s sake stop misrepresenting the Bible.  Such misrepresentations are depraved.


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Even When They’re Dead, Cats Cause Trouble

A Japanese man drove the wrong way down an expressway for 90 kilometres (55 miles) and broke through five police barricades because his cat had died, he told police. Tsutomu Mizumoto, 31, was arrested early Wednesday on the northern island of Hokkaido, the Mainichi daily reported. Police said they responded to an emergency call about 5:45 a.m. about a car driving the wrong way on a motorway near the city of Otaru. They spotted the vehicle 15 minutes later and pursued the driver, ordering him to stop. Mizumoto ignored them and drove on, smashing through five emergency blockades and passing through a tollgate. He finally stopped at about 7:15 a.m. when police detained him. “I was sad that my pet cat died,” he was quoted as telling police. “I wanted to do something crazy.”

Yeah so it seems- including endangering himself and many others. Why’d he do it? Because the demon that was his cat took over his soul and made him murderous. That’s the most rational explanation anyway.

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Evil is Stupid

This guy is evil primarily because he raped his unconcious girlfriend (depraved reprobate), and he’s stupid because he set up a webcam to broadcast the crime. Which just goes to show, evil isn’t just depraved, it’s stupid.  As is, by the way, getting drunk.

A Phoenix man accused of sexually assaulting his unconscious girlfriend and broadcasting the attack live on the Internet has pleaded guilty to three charges. Twenty-two-year-old Jonathan Richard Hock pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of attempted sexual assault and one count of voyeurism in Maricopa County Superior Court. Hock was arrested in June 2009 after police say he set up a computer Web camera and sexually assaulted his girlfriend of two weeks in her bedroom as she was unconscious from drinking alcohol on Feb. 26. The woman was 20 years old.

It gets harder and harder each day not to be a misanthrope, ya know?

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