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You Knew It Was Coming…

My ‘why I’m #1, and you, tragic soul, aren’t…’ post: But you, don’t despair, you just keep trying, ok?

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The Discovery of a 3000 Year Old Moabite Temple in Jordan

Archaeologists in Jordan have unearthed a 3,000-year-old Iron Age temple with a trove of figurines of ancient deities and circular clay vessels used for religious rituals, officials said Wednesday. The head of the Jordanian Antiquities Department, Ziad al-Saad, said the … Continue reading

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Nazi Racists: How The Islamophobes Resemble Their Nazi Cousins

As I’ve said before, the people protesting the Islamic center are sounding more and more like the Nazis of 1933 Germany.  First, they wish Muslims hated.  Now, they think it a good idea to register them.  Next, internment camps. The … Continue reading

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Not the Sharpest Knife in the Cabinet…

A hiker on Blewett Pass [Washington] shot himself in the butt when he put a handgun in his back pocket. The Chelan County sheriff’s office said the 52-year-old Snohomish man had moved his .40-caliber handgun from its holster to his … Continue reading

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Mean Girls

I don’t understand girls these days. Have they lost the ability or desire to be ladies? In the middle of a women’s college soccer match between the Oregon Ducks and Oklahoma State Cowgirls on Friday night, two players were given … Continue reading

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I Wish Our Wal-Mart Carried What the Chinese Wal-Mart Carries…

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#1 For the 100,000,000th Month in A Row

I’d like to thank all the wise people who continue to trot this way to find the best in views, news, and well something that rhymes with views and news. I realize it annoys some no end that such remains … Continue reading

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A New Sheffieldian Blog

Sheffield Biblical Studies is a new group blog organized by James Crossley and contributed to by various Sheffieldians.  Add it to your blogroll!  There should be plenty of room on it since various ‘bibliobloggers’ have shortened their blogrolls by one … Continue reading

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Serves Him Right…

A friend of mine constantly remarks ‘when you’re stupid, you’ve got to suffer‘.  True words for our besotted lad who lost a million dollar painting because he got drunk. Call it the lost art of drinking responsibly: A man entrusted … Continue reading

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Texas Isn’t Obliged to Recognize Your Gay Marriage by Granting you a Gay Divorce

In my estimation this is a proper ruling. If Texas forbids gay marriage (Florentine brides) then it stands to reason that they don’t grant gay divorces. Since such marriages aren’t even recognized as legitimate, it would be folly to grant … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Drunk Naked Deputies

Two Washington County deputies caught drinking and having sex in the forest while off duty have been dismissed from their jobs. Why, you ask? Sheriff Ed Graybeal said Tuesday that Deputy Scarlett Dennison, 42, and Deputy Chris Adkins, 30, have … Continue reading

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Being A Crazy Stalker Has its Hazards…

Can you imagine? A doctor involved in an “on-again, off-again” relationship apparently tried to force her way into her boyfriend’s home by sliding down the chimney, police said Tuesday. Weird. Her decomposing body was found there three days later. What????? … Continue reading

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Wishing Eric Cline a Very Happy Birthday

Eric turns 50 this very day!  1960, as you must by now surely know, was an important year for at least a couple of reasons. Eric’s a fine scholar and a brilliant archaeologist.  If you haven’t read his book on … Continue reading

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August 2010 Biblical Studies Carnival

Let’s get this out of the way right up front so that it needn’t be mentioned again:  guess who was the #1 most beloved blogger of July?  That’s right pilgrims- me! Whew.  That was close.  I managed just a 20,000 … Continue reading

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