And Now The Hate Spreads Like A Quick Cancer Over the National Body: America’s Version of Kristallnacht Coming Soon?

Burning synagogue on Kristallnacht in Nazi-Germany

A German Synagogue Burns... c. 1932

Thanks in no small part at all to those who have abandoned the First Amendment in favor of a paltry ideology which is motivated by nothing but fear, hatred, and disdain for others, the hatred exemplified in the Ground Zero Islamic Center protests has spread.

At least two faraway mosques have received menacing messages in the past week opposing the proposed Islamic center near Ground Zero. Many of the high-profile opponents of the mosque project in New York insist that their objection is limited to the proximity of the building to the site of the 9/11 attacks. But the messages suggest that at least a faction of those opposed implicate all Muslims, no matter how far away their places of worship may be from Ground Zero. In Fresno, Calif., two signs were left at the Madera Islamic Center last week, the Fresno Bee reported. “Wake up America, the enemy is here,” one read, and the other said, “No temple for the god of terrorism at Ground Zero.” A brick was also thrown at the mosque, the paper reported. And the Council on American-Islamic Relations says a toy pig was left at a Sacramento Valley Islamic center with the words “No mosque in NYC” and “Mohammed the pig” written on it. Islam regards pigs as unclean, and forbids believers from eating pork.

Have all these people forgotten recent history or do they really desire an American Kristallnacht? Because that’s what’s coming if Americans don’t stand up and repel this repulsive hate-mongering.  Every authentically Christian person in America MUST speak out AGAINST this violence and spreading madness, or history will judge us most harshly indeed, and rightly compare our days to the early days of Nazi terror and murder of the Jews.

What next? Internment camps for Muslims?  Death Camps?  That appears to be what the far right wing nutbags are aiming for.  And if it comes to that it will only be because Christians in America laid down just as their German brothers and sisters did in the 1930’s.  Stand up and be heard, followers of Christ.  It’s your duty.

12 thoughts on “And Now The Hate Spreads Like A Quick Cancer Over the National Body: America’s Version of Kristallnacht Coming Soon?

  1. Gotta love America,

    you guys attack terrorism by projecting it onto a whole group of people before emulating what said group supposedly does.

    The mosque at ground zero should be protested, and those who proposed this insensitive idea should be penalized for their negligence (just like I would want my government to give a hefty fine to anyone who proposed a weekly bible study at an atheist society building that had just been exposed to a drive-by shooting from right-wing ‘Christians’). But goodness, let the penalty fall on those directly responsible, let it be administered by a civil judiciary, and let the population consider this sufficient and proceed to forgive the offenders.


    • what’s insensitive is demonizing innocent people for no reason other than blind hatred. no one can fail to see the parallels to what happened in germany in the 30’s.


  2. I am confident it will blow over. Eventually, these problems usually resolve themselves and everything is fine. Well, I think that analogy is stretching a bit. We are not yet to a point where Muslims have to wear special symbols, have their personal possessions randomly taken by defacto agents of the state and discriminated for jobs and housing. Mr. Fast, I also disagree with the fines you would give out. I guess, I am in a disagreeable mood.


  3. Mr Fast: why should it be “‘protested”? Weren’t most of those killed in the twin towers disaster and those grieving for them religious, belonging to different faiths including Islam? How big is “Ground Zero”? Are you suggesting that no religious buildings should exist in NY city? Did you know that many already do, and are even closer to the Ground Zero site than the proposed mosque? Are you a believer in the (conspiracy theory) claim that Imam Rauf has devious intentions and it’s all part of a plot to take over America? I know a few anti religious atheists who are promoting that view including one atheist exmuslim who has published a statement claiming he is gathering (or concocting?) evidence against him.

    Islamaphobia is the new Anti Semitism. This incident reported above, I think could be called Pyromaniac Islamophobia. When pyromaniacs get fed conspiracy theories, not just that Islam in governmental power is a dangerous thing (we all know that), but that ALL Muslims in Western countries are extremists and want to take over the governments there, they panic and light fires in mosques. Unfortunately, lighting fires doesn’t change the way women are treated in Islamic countries for example, but it does inspire more moderate people to become less moderate in Western countries…


  4. Steph,

    I am not an Islamophobe. Please do not compose a paragraph’s worth of assumptions based on my singular claim that the construction of a mosque on Ground Zero is unethical.

    This has nothing to do with Islam in and of itself but with building one particular mosque on Ground Zero, where over 2,000 innocent lives were slaughtered as an act of devotion to Allah. Following your line of reasoning, it would not be insensitive to (borrowing an example from my friend) construct a japanese cultural center over the graves of Pearl harbour ten years after the event occurred. After all, some of Japanese heritage were no doubt in the vicinity of the attack and subject to the same violent deaths as their fellow americans.

    This is really a matter of the categorical imperative, which should be fairly run-of-the mill for you.


  5. Jim,
    I agree that Islamophobia is repugnant and the attacks/threats on mosques are repugnant, but from that to a “kristallnacht” there is a bit of a distance (look up what happened on that horrible night, and also, events before and after…).
    Islamophobia is not the “new antisemitism” for the simple reason that antisemitism (that is hatred towards jews, without letting the “smart alek’s” claim that arabs are included in this [although from a language/genetic point of view arabs are semites, the traditional meaning of “antisemitism” is clearly and cleanly aimed at jews) is very much alive and kicking today, in a wide array of forms and manners (some in the open, some hidden). Unfortunately, some of the most blatant “classic antisemitism” (e.g., the protocols of the elders of zion, jews using the blood of children, etc.) is now coming from Islamic circles.
    Just as I abhor attacks on synagogues, churches and other places of worship (along with any hate-infested action), attacks on the mosques (including, btw, when shiite’s attack sunni mosques and vice-a-versa) truly sicken me – and should all people.
    All this should have nothing to do (unfortunately, the hate mongers find ways to connect it) with the discussion on whether or not there should be a mosque at ground zero. Unfortunately, the discussion of this issue has long gone off course…



  6. Whether or not you are an Islamophobe is a matter of interpretation, Emerson. The fact is that your comment “This has nothing to do with Islam in and of itself” is immediately falsifiable. The only reason this project has raised such controversy is because it is Muslim. That’s it. If it were Christians or Hindus, Freemasons or any other group, I doubt anyone would raise an eyebrow. But because it’s a Muslim group, suddenly people are arguing that it’s insensitive to build there. As I understand it, there were 3,000 or so killed on 9/11, and 300 or so of them were Muslims. That’s a full 10% of the total. Does that not make the Muslim community just as much the victims of extremist idiots as the rest of NY? Is it not just as insensitive to bar them from having their place as you accuse them of being for proposing it?

    There are a lot of excuses for this controversy, but the real reason behind it all is the general failure to distinguish between Islam and extremism, laced with a great deal of prejudice and xenophobia (odd, that, in a cosmopolitan community like NY) and whipped up by hysterical pseudo-nationalism. I think McCarthy just stirred…


  7. thank you Tony – you said what I was too lazy to say. I thought it was about 10% too – I wasn’t sure though.


  8. “Islamophobia is not the “new antisemitism” for the simple reason that antisemitism is very much alive and kicking today, in a wide array of forms and manners (some in the open, some hidden).”

    Maybe, but it’s from the fringe, not from elected officials and prominent media figures.

    Imagine how you’d feel if politicians and right-wing media hosts were demanding that a Jewish cultural center not be built, and demonstrations were being held in front of synagogues.


  9. While I agree that (thank god), antisemitism is a much minor problem in the US than in the past (but still a problem) and that jews, for the most part, are seen as an integral part of society, this is hardly the case in many other parts of the world, including, in addition to the rampant anti-semitism in the arab world, quite blatant examples in both eastern and western europe. Do to this, to claim that islamophobia is the new antisemitism is blurring both issues. Each is disgusting on its own merits, and one does not replace the other. Unfortunately, both exist in rather disgusting ways.
    And just to clarify – there are government officials who nowadays call for the extermination of jews – they live and work in iran…



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