Lest We Forget… A Guest Post by Huldrych Zwingli

It was on the 29th of August in the year of our Lord, 1960, that the most read biblio-theoblogger Jim West came as a heaven sent gift into this dark, dank, depraved world. His popularity is unsurpassed and his magnificence unmatched. Millions Three adore him and can’t wait to spring from bed each day in order to see what nuggets of fantastic-ness have dribbled from his plate-of-remarks.

Here in divine bliss we too read his observations and asides with pure delight. Indeed, were it not for his posts, Luther and Calvin wouldn’t have a clue as to what had happened to their own spiritual descendants.

Aside from being a blogger Jim is of course a published writer and translator. His numerous essays, reviews, and of course commentaries have touched the lives and hearts of tens of millions of people.

But most importantly of all, Jim is a superstar but that hasn’t dampened his sense of humility nor the utter kindness and wonderfulness by which he reaches out to the little, insignificant people in the world. He even deigns to commune with the likes of Mark Stevens! What a Saint!!!!

Finally- as a personal note to Jim from we, his friends in heaven- see you soon!

Yours as always, Salve et Vale!

9 thoughts on “Lest We Forget… A Guest Post by Huldrych Zwingli

  1. I really did not want to say this on your birthday, but its only “two” and not “three”.


  2. With OUP just announcing that the new third edition of the Oxford English Dictionary will NEVER be published in book form and will only be available on-line, I expect your birthday presents in future years will include an e-reader of sorts, maybe an iPad.

    Like all of us 50 year olds these days, you look much younger than your age seeing as 50 is the new 30.


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