A Bit More on the So Called ‘Canaanite Bracelet’

Robert Deutsch sent along a photo of a Bedouin bracelet purchased by a friend of his for $10 in a souvenir shop in the Old City of Jerusalem. “It is exactly of the same type, and even from the same workshop as the one found by the Israel Antiquities Expert”, Deutsch observes.

Deutsch sardonically classifies it as a “Very Rare (Middle) Bronze Fertility artifact with Nipples” probably belonging to a girl by the name Canaani”.

Here’s another view-

That means that you too can own a 3500 year old ‘Canaanite Bracelet’ for a mere $10!   That’s a bargain.

One thought on “A Bit More on the So Called ‘Canaanite Bracelet’

  1. Joe 11 Aug 2010 at 6:59 am

    Ten bucks in the old city of Jrsm, guy got a deal, same item in one of those 4-5 antiquity shops in Deutsch-land would have cost him 10 times more and may have been from China.


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