67 Counts of Sexual Assault: That’s Total Depravity

The 42-year-old Livermore mother accused of sexually assaulting two teenage boys first made an advance at one of them when he was 14 and was dating her daughter of the same age, authorities said. After the incident in December 2008, authorities said, Christine Hubbs sent sexual text messages to the boy and gave him cash, expensive gifts and cellular telephones to maintain contact with her. The allegations, contained in a police affidavit, were revealed Monday as Hubbs appeared in an Alameda County courtroom in Pleasanton to face charges that have stunned her suburban city. The mother of three was arraigned on 67 felony counts, including unlawful sex with a minor and exhibition of lewd material to a minor.

If you look up ‘totally depraved child molesting cougar’ in the dictionary you’ll see her picture.