The Bible in its Traditions, Session Two

Greg Tatum kicked off the discussion with a talk about Paul and his letters in the project.  An outline of his paper, and other pieces from the sessions as well as useful resources, are available here so I won’t take the time to summarize them (since you can read them for yourselves).

Then a demonstration of the website and how to enter data filled the balance of the time.

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After the break Martin Albl described his work on James for the project and next we return to the technical stuff concerning entering data on the website.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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5 Responses to The Bible in its Traditions, Session Two

  1. Doug says:

    I have lots of questions for you about the Pauline Corpus after this conference. Basically, though, where would agree and disagree with Mr. Tatum’s assertions of the consensus of the corpus? Have a great time.


  2. Sue says:

    Okay. I admit I am envious. I haven’t really had time to explore this resource yet.

    But one thing baffles me. In the list of resources, many of the best resources are left out. For example,

    Mechon Mamre – Hebrew
    Look Higher – facsimiles of many early bibles
    Erasmus online
    German Bible Portal

    Und so weiter ….

    And there are also so many Bibles that I have not yet found anywhere. On the godieu site, some Bibles only have Genesis uploaded.

    There is a real need for further digitalization, I think, of Pagnini, Zwingli, early Luther, and Lefevre to name a few.

    And I cringe to think that the NET Bible and the Bible researcher are unique in their class. There are so many indelicate things said about women on these sites. I brace myself when i use the NET, but I never use the Bible researcher because his biases are so strong and overt I have not found his site useful. It is always better to read the document itself, than to read Michael’s interpretation of the document.

    In any case, I look forward to


  3. rmwest says:

    were you creepily taking stalker pictures of people while the session was going on??


  4. Sue says:

    I put up a longer list on my blog today. I do have to add that the list provided does not include some of the versions translated by women. At least Helen Montgomery’s NT deserves mention. It is in Look Higher. Anyway, this is why I always get so out of sorts. I know I shouldn’t – but it is darn lonely for me in this bibliosphere.


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