Turkey- That’s A Pointless Protest

Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters scuffled with police Saturday near a hall where an Israeli volleyball team played in a game closed to the public because of security concerns. A relatively tolerant approach to the protests by authorities reflected Turkey’s efforts to calibrate public outrage over the May 31 deaths of nine activists aboard a Turkish ship in an aid flotilla bound for Gaza — even as it maintains ties with Israel, which has been a chief supplier of military aid. “Don’t be dogs of Zionism. God will hold you to account,” some demonstrators snarled at police in helmets who pushed them back with shields of reinforced plastic. “Esteemed friends,” appealed a police commander with a loudspeaker. “Please don’t cause trouble.”

Oh come on. Protesting a volleyball team makes the whole notion of serious protest over serious matters cheapened. It’s a sports team. For pity’s sake.  What next, protesting a baby?  Listen to the police commander- the voice of reason.