Todd Didn’t Like The Essay

And he doesn’t hesitate to imply that the reason he doesn’t is because of the sources which Kalman contacted. Todd writes

Is Holy Land Archaeology Being Hyped by Politics? The answer is yes, according to this article by Matthew Kalman. But if your major sources are Jim West and Meir Ben-Dov, this is an entirely predictable, but not necessarily accurate, conclusion. Is archaeology hyped? Sometimes it is. But is the cause politics or something else? Does the problem lie with archaeologists or with someone else? … Are there problems with archaeologists hyping archaeological discoveries? Yes. Are they systemic and primarily motivated by politics? I hardly think so.   [Emphasis mine – j.w.].

And commentator Chris chimes in-

Good post. Level-headed its ironic that these guys play the politics card when they so clearly have their own dog in the fight – outright hypocrisy.

To which I responded in comments to his post thusly:

I think Chris might want to look in the mirror if he’s seeking irony. There’s nothing hypocritical in pointing out the obvious. What Chris and the rest of the Christian Zionists (you too Todd) fail to understand is that truth isn’t determined by mere supposition and unsubstantiated claim.

The real hypocrites in all this, Chris, are the people who imagine, for whatever reason, that Israel has a claim to land they are simply dispossessing people of under the guise of some faint historical claim supported by falsified archaeology.

And Todd if you dont like the fact that Kalman contacted me and asked questions, why dont you write him and complain instead of acting like he’s a moron because he did. You may not care for me or my views (neither of which matters to me since if I wanted to be popular I’d be irrelevant like so many bloggers) but it’s a tad obnoxious of you to suggest, via your not so thinly veiled innuendo, that Kalman did a bad job of it.

And might I add for the benefit of others who want to snipe and quibble and act like petulent children concerning the essay and Kalman’s sources, grow up.

[Yes, gentle snowballs, I’m mighty ticked that Todd wants to (and others want to) insult Kalman because of their dislike of me. I don’t give a tinker’s tit what anyone thinks of me personally, but to insult others ‘by association’ is despicable and I find Todd’s tone utterly reprehensible].

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