Today With Zwingli

On 15 July, 1529 Huldrych Zwingli published his Latin translation of Isaiah.  It’s a beautiful edition, artistically done and amazingly precise.  Zwingli was far, far better with Hebrew than Luther and it shows in the fantastic maturity of his rendering.

Along with his fresh rendering of the Hebrew text, Zwingli also offers commentary.  His insights are quite good and he makes the Prophet speak, succinctly.

The text and commentary were published by Edwin Künzli in 1959 in the Corpus Reformatorum edition of Zwingli’s Collected Works.   Künzli, at the conclusion of the volume (which also includes Zwingli’s work on Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and The 12) offers a useful essay titled Zwingli als Ausleger des Alten Testamentes.   He also published in Zwingliana an essay on Zwingli’s edition of Isaiah which is very much worth checking out.

Of the Magisterial Reformers (Calvin, Luther and Zwingli), Luther was the wittiest, Calvin was the best systematician, and Zwingli was the best exegete and preacher.

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