Oh You Drunken Aussies…

You’re loony.

An Australian man was lucky to be alive after drunkenly scaling the fence of a crocodile enclosure and trying to take a five-metre (16-foot) beast named “Fatso” for a ride, police said Tuesday. The 36-year-old jumped the wildlife compound’s fence after being ejected from a pub in the northwestern city of Broome late Monday night, and tried to sit on the back of the massive saltwater reptile. “He first climbed into a compound containing two female crocodiles, before approaching a five-metre long male called Fatso,” a police spokeswoman told AFP.

I have the feeling that if the Darwin Awards spent very much time in Australia, they’d find winners all over the place. What is it about down under that makes the populace so weird?

2 thoughts on “Oh You Drunken Aussies…

  1. I was thinking of the Darwin Award before I came to the end of your post and saw your mention of it.


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