Supplicatio ad Hugonem episcopum Constantiensem

In this letter dated 2 July 1522, Zwingli explains to the Bishop of Constance the facts leading up to the famous ‘sausage incident’ and so he discusses the whole issue of ‘fasting’ and the propriety of that practice for Christians.

Zwingli hoped to get Hugo on board.  Alas and alack, it wasn’t to be.  Hugo was a typical Bishop- theology wasn’t really his thing.  He was far more interested in hunting and fishing and politics and wealth.

Zwingli’s letter is peppered with Scriptural citations.  Naturally, since church practice should be scriptural, and not just traditional.  And he wasn’t the only signatory.  The other clerics of Zurich and the area also affixed their signatures because all of them had seen the light and understood that Reform was necessary.

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