Keeping an Eye on the ‘Copper Scroll Project’

If you want to know what’s really up, you can get it straight from the mouth of the horse– in a little video presentation which you simply will not believe.  And I don’t mean you won’t believe it because it’s chock full of accurate information.  And if that isn’t enough for you, then you can ‘schedule a meeting’ with Barfield.  The ‘class’ consists of the following- which I think you’ll find as bizarre as I do:

* The events leading up to Jim Barfield’s discovery of the Copper Scroll locations
* The history of the Copper Scroll from the academic scholars and Jim Barfield’s personal view of the history of the scroll
* How the initial discovery was made and Jim Barfield’s resulting research
* Jim Barfield’s four trips to Israel to verify his findings at the actual locations listed on the Copper Scroll and how he was required to disclose the information to the Israel Antiquities Authority.
* Learn about the amazing artifacts and vast treasures that may be contained at the locations described by the ancient scroll.
* Jim Barfield’s relationships that resulted from his research on the Copper Scroll including:
o A Leading Temple Rabbi (his name is being kept secret until the right time)
o Gershon Solomon of the Temple Mount Faithful
o Vendyl Jones, a prominent Copper Scroll Scholar
o Shuka Dorfman the head of the Antiquities Authority of Israel

-The copper scroll ‘locations’? Has it been chopped into little bits and is scattered like Tut’s penis across the landscape? Or does he perhaps mean the various locations of the ‘treasure’ he thinks he’s found?
-A secret leading Temple rabbi? I’m not sure if he knows this but there is no Temple. And why is he a secret? Is he under threat by someone?
– Vendyl Jones wasn’t a scholar of any sort, much less of the copper scroll.
-I have the feeling that Dorfman will be ticked off royal when he finds out he’s been dragged into this.

Good heavens. And yet, people will 1) fund the lunacy; and 2) believe it! That’s the sad part. So let me say this to all Barfield’s potential donors (since more of them read here than him… but let’s be fair, who doesn’t read here?) –

Don’t, under any circumstances, give one red penny to Barfield’s or other dilettante’s expeditions. Instead, give your money to Eric Cline for Megiddo or Aren Maeir for Safi. Those are digs where truth is being sought and projects worth supporting. If you’ve got extra cash lying around, send it to them. Here are their email addresses- just contact them and let them know you want to donate and they will happily tell you how.

Eric Cline-
Aren Maeir-

With thanks (0f a sort) to Bob Cargill for telling me about this site and for simultaneously ensuring my blood pressure rising.

4 thoughts on “Keeping an Eye on the ‘Copper Scroll Project’

  1. Doug 1 Jul 2010 at 8:29 pm

    Has that other vein popped yet?


    • Jim 1 Jul 2010 at 8:33 pm

      almost. why, are you hoping?


  2. arenmaeir 1 Jul 2010 at 10:48 pm

    Thanks for the support for “real” archaeology!


  3. Doug 2 Jul 2010 at 1:33 am

    No not at all. If that happens, I shudder to think what you might put on your blog.


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