Total Depravity: The Christian Artist Thomas Kinkade Edition


the 'painter of light' sees flashing lights: thomas kinkade arrested for dui thomas kinkade was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. i wonder if his next series will be a bunch of blurry blue and red flashing lights? Thomas Kinkade, the artist known for his light-filled paintings of cottages, churches and country gardens, spent a night in jail after being arrested … Read More

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2 thoughts on “Total Depravity: The Christian Artist Thomas Kinkade Edition

  1. irishanglican

    He’s an artist, ya know what they say about them. I actually give my wife a nice Kinkade print (big frame and all) several years back, I bought directly thru the postal service. I wonder if its worth more now? lol He is big in the UK ya know! Well kinda? Again, this may make him bigger with us drinking Christian Brit’s? lol


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