Too Harsh?

No.  There’s something to be said for directness, pointedness, a tad bit of hyperbole, and a pinch of sarcasm.  Knowing how to understand it all, that’s the reader’s task.

These days there’s just too much equivocation and too much discourse is slaughtered by ‘the death of 1000 qualifications’.

So no, I don’t think I’m too harsh.  Sometimes I’m not harsh enough, quite frankly, if being harsh means drawing attention to things that matter.

And as far as I’m concerned, God matters.  Our culture’s dismissal of God and the dismissal of God by so many Christians is just sickening.  If tough talk makes people think about it, even if ever so briefly, then this little blog has accomplished it’s entire goal.

I don’t even mind if people on the left (the people supporting gay rights, abortion, and other such social issues) or on the right (the fundamentalists and zionists and heretics of every stripe) hate me for it.  At least they’ve been forced to face a theological opinion that refuses to bow to the winds of popularity (or unpopularity).

In short, I wish more people were up front with what they really thought.  Reading blogs and bloggers whose opinion on a subject is as opaque as a foggy night is a fruitless exercise.  Such persons are not worthy to be granted the exalted, indeed, the most exalted, of all titles- Theologian.

Besides all that, harshness is merely a matter of perspective.  “Speak the truth in love” we’re told.  But love doesn’t pander to falsehood and love doesn’t tolerate half measures and half truths.

3 thoughts on “Too Harsh?

  1. Looney 29 May 2010 at 8:02 pm

    “Therefore, rebuke them sharply …” – Titus 1:13


    • Jim 29 May 2010 at 9:36 pm

      sometimes thats whats needed.


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