The Investigation of Ergun Caner

The News and Advance sets out the issues. And they are many:

When Liberty University begins the investigation it announced last week into the background of Ergun Caner, president of its seminary, the panel doing the work could explore several questions.

Where did Caner grow up — in Ohio or in Turkey?

When did he come to the United States — as a teenager as he has said, or at age 4 as his parents’ divorce documents indicate?

Did Caner have a nominal Muslim upbringing, or was he raised in Islamic jihad, “trained to do that which was done on 11 September” as he told an audience in Jacksonville, Fla., in November 2001?

Did he formally debate scholars of other faiths, including Islam, as his online biography once claimed?

Is Caner’s middle name Mehmet, as it’s shown on the cover of books he’s written — or is it Michael, as it’s listed on the concealed-weapons permit he got last year in Lynchburg?

Should he include an honorary degree in his curriculum vitae, which typically is the string of earned degrees that appears after the names of faculty members and administrators in university publications?

That’s a lot of questions.  Raising only one issue: honesty.  Honesty matters.  Integrity matters.  Whether or not he’s involved in the Lynchburg faculty, these questions and their answers really matter and the answers discovered may have a serious impact on the institution he’s serving.  Or is it himself he’s serving?  Would he make up the Muslim connection and radicalize it just for fame and to sell books?  Scholars have done worse…  Some have even faked artifacts and documents in the advancement of their agenda.

6 thoughts on “The Investigation of Ergun Caner

  1. JOHN

    Of course Ergun Caner lied on all these items you listed. Liberty is trying to figure out how to keep him as president of the seminary. The highest value of liberty is MONEY FROM REGISTRATIONS. Money is Liberty’s God that is why they are trying their best to keep Caner. They just don’t have conscience and shame at all.


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  3. Grant

    If this all ends up being true then the best thing for us as “Christians” to do is to pray for our brother and to bring him back up. The leader of Hillsong claimed to have had cancer and in fact did not have cancer. But with the prayers of fellow believers and help he is back up and praising and worshiping. When a brother is down don’t kick him. Be sure to take time out of your day to talk with God about this situation and to find out the truth but no matter what the truth may be, support bringing him back up. God Bless His people and God Bless America


    1. Jim Post author

      bring him back up to what? to prominence? to reward deception? sure, he can and should be restored to fellowship if he shows authentic repentance, but he most certainly should not be rewarded for saying he feels bad about deceiving and given his old job back. he’ll have zero credibility.


  4. starrstruck

    I listened to Ergun Caner’s message given at Prestonwood Baptist Church in 2001 as replayed on Focus on the Family.

    Ergun Caner stated the following:

    I was born in Sweden.
    I was raised in Turkey.
    I was trained in Islamic Jihad to do what the terrorist did on 9/11.
    I was like a preacher’s kid.
    I was taught to believe that Americans hated me.
    I came to America in 1978.
    I arrived in Brooklyn.
    I spoke broken English.
    I went to a revival at the invitation of a friend.
    I was saved in 1982.
    I preached my first seven minute sermon and my younger brothers got saved.
    I led my mom to Christ in 1991 over the phone.
    My brother led my grandmother to Christ in 1995.
    He defined rakats as prayers.
    He defined injeel as angels.
    I rolled out my rug and prayed in the bathroom at school.
    I wore a turban on my head.
    I had an accent and spoke broken English.
    I was not made fun of by Christians because of what I wore.

    What is the truth? Who knows, but the following contradictions exist. Ergun Caner has stated on The John Ankerberg Show that he was born in Istanbul, Turkey. In other places he states that he had nothing to do with his brothers coming to Christ. Court records indicate that Ergun immigrated to America in 1969 and was raised in Ohio. His high school yearbook shows that he was very active in school, including drama. There are no pictures of Ergun wearing a turban on his head. Since he was raised in Ohio from age three on, he speaks fluent English. Rakats means verses, not prayers. Injeel means Gospel, not angels. His dad was not like a pastor in Islam. He wasn’t trained in Islamic Jihad in Turkey or Europe. He didn’t meet Americans for the first time in 1978 and discover that they didn’t hate him. He was not disowned by his family, only his non-custodial father.

    From just one sermon, given at Prestonwood Baptist Church in 2001 and replayed on Focus on the Family in 2010, flows numerous falsehoods. Did he just misspeak all of the following? Is that even possible? Or was he intentionally misrepresenting his testimony to make it more appealing to the audience?


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