Good For Utah

Let’s hope every incumbent tastes the misery of ouster that multi-term Utah Senator Bennett has tasted. And may Bill Lee’s tribe increase all around the country.

Lee is not angry, in the fashion of the “tea party” movement, or paranoid, like the conspiracy theorists who insist President Obama is a foreigner. In many ways he reflects the national mood — disgust with Washington, contempt for the political class — that threatens members of both parties.

Disgust with Washington and contempt for the political class… that summarizes my mood pretty well.

5 thoughts on “Good For Utah

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  2. “Disgust with Washington and contempt for the political class… that summarizes my mood pretty well.”

    We know what you (and they) are against….but what are you for?

    Mom and apple pie is not much of a governing strategy.


    • what am i for? sensible government fiscal policy; an end to american interference in the affairs of other nations; splendid isolationism; environmental policy that preserves the planet; and term limits for elected officials. a flat tax, an end to tax loopholes for corporations; an end to abortion on demand.


  3. 1- Everyone is….but everybody wants to cut the other guys’ programs not their own.

    2- Interference? Yes. Know-nothing ignorance? No, thanks. We tried that in the 1930’s.

    3- Take it up with the oil company execs who own the GOP.

    4- Term limits? We tried that in the 90’s. How did it work out?

    5- A flat tax so the rich can pay even less, huh? Seriously, do you think they are making that proposal for YOUR benefit or theirs?

    6- Great idea…. See #3.

    7 – I disagree completely.

    But if you are representative of tea baggers at least I know why I oppose you.


    • what in the past or present has led you to believe i have any use for the tea bag people? you’re just superimposing your own perceptions on me.


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