Arizona’s Racist Law Isn’t the Real Problem

And Frank Rich does a good job saying why.

The crowd that wants Latinos to show their papers if there’s a “reasonable suspicion” of illegality is often the same crowd still demanding that the president produce a document proving his own citizenship. Lest there be any doubt of that confluence, Rush Limbaugh hammered the point home after Obama criticized Arizona’s action. “I can understand Obama being touchy on the subject of producing your papers,” he said. “Maybe he’s afraid somebody’s going to ask him for his.” Or, as Glenn Beck chimed in about the president last week: “What has he said that sounds like American?”

The real problem, in my own estimation, is the undercurrent of dissatisfaction in American life over the Federal government’s policies. People are fed up and immigration is just the point in the mountain of disdain where the eruption has taken place.

3 thoughts on “Arizona’s Racist Law Isn’t the Real Problem

  1. I think that it cuts both ways. Arizona is taking a stand and it is upsetting some segment. I don’t think open borders are a good idea. But, surely there is a middle ground of allowing these people in to work and live for a period of time. They both help the economy by doing low wage jobs and as a unintended consequence, help check inflation by keeping some wages low. However, there is also a corresponding problem with the services they use. I think no matter what the final decision (is there such a thing) that it will upset somebody.


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  3. I don’t know, Jim. Are you sure that FOX doesn’t simply give racist morons a forum.


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