Why What Eric Cline and Bob Cargill Have Done is So Important

In the 1930’s the German Christians were sweeping across the landscape and many proper theologians and churchmen were standing silently by, waiting for someone somewhere to act.  So Karl Barth did, composing the astonishingly meaningful (even today) Theological Declaration of Barmen.  While the Lutherans slept, the Reformed wrote, and spoke out.

In a similar way Eric Cline and Bob Cargill have done the entirety of archaelogical and biblical scholarship a service for which all should be grateful in speaking up so clearly and swiftly when bogus claims were made last week.

Had they waited for ‘peer reviewers’ to wade through voluminous tomes refuting the claims of the dilettantes, the public at large would have already fallen victim to the falsehood and forgotten about it altogether, simply assuming, in their ignorance, that since no one said anything to the contrary, the ark hunters must have been correct.

So Eric’s tv appearances and his Time interview and Bob’s radio interview and summary of the facts of the ark episode on his blog were timely, necessary, and utterly desirable.

Hence, I want to go on record thanking the both of them for doing what needed to be done without sitting around waiting for someone else to do it.  Eric and Bob (and Aren Maier too) spoke out while too many other archaeologists and biblical scholars busied themselves with slumber.  So, thanks.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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4 Responses to Why What Eric Cline and Bob Cargill Have Done is So Important

  1. Eric H. Cline says:

    Couldn’t have done it without you and the other bloggers, Jim! Back pats all around…


  2. bobcargill says:

    hey thanx, but many other bloggers beat us to it. and of course, the response only works if all interested bloggers report on the issue.

    thanx again for the kind words.


  3. Mark Stevens says:

    To Eric , thank you for your very clear and easy to understand explanations of why the facts are, well, not so factual. As a Minister I have shared the interviews you have done with people in our church because of you positive and the easy understand explanations. Well done!

    Jim, I thanks for clarifying what the barmen Declaration was, I had always thought it was that time when Barth was declared chief beer guzzler at the Basel Tavern! 😉


  4. Emerson says:

    Wasn’t Bonhoeffer a Lutheran? Didn’t he have a significant part to play in the Barmen document? And wasn’t Bultmann a Lutheran as well? Wasn’t Bultmann quite actively opposing the Nazified church as well? What about Ebeling? Wasn’t he up to some stuff as well?

    C’mon, the Reformed dudes don’t get all the credit.


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