God Isn’t Dying

Are we evolving away from belief in God? Why did thousands of intelligent people let themselves be deceived by investment fraud king Bernie Madoff? Is morality really in decline in the West and can it be reconstructed?  Such questions are in the air at a seminar on science, morality and the mind at Cambridge University, this weekend sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. I’ve participated in the Templeton-Cambridge Fellowships in Science & Religion since 2005. And for the next few days, I’d like to bring you along for a taste of the lectures and discussions.

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The answer to the question posed in the essay title is – no.  It’s extraordinarily interesting that folk seem to think about things always from ‘below’, from an anthropocentric point of view.  Human beings are not the center of life nor the focal point of the universe.   God is.  The issue isn’t how people relate, or not, to God; but how God relates to people.  Away with the nonsense of ‘man and woman centeredness’ – it’s absurd.

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