Murder in Dubai

An op-ed in The Age explains

Israel has lost friends thanks to the sordid affair in Dubai concerning fake passports and murder, and the stink will hang in the air a good while yet.  Australia has made a calculated switch away from backing Israel’s complaints about bias in the United Nations system. Don’t be fooled. There are plenty of gripes about how Israel is unfairly targeted in the UN, but Tel Aviv takes these votes very seriously and lobbies hard to win countries to its side.  Now Israel has lost key supporters. In New York on Friday night, Australia abstained from a resolution calling for further investigation of the 2009 Gaza conflict and war crimes allegations. Not so long ago Australia was one of 17 countries to join Israel to vote against a similar resolution. The message is clear.

Sending hit squads to kill people in this digital age when every move is on camera somewhere may not be very wise.  Perhaps Israel needs to reconsider its methodology.  Or international reaction may take a form a bit more stiff than raised eyebrows and mere verbal complaints.