Reformation Faith is Combative

In his lectures on the Theology of the Reformed Confessions, Karl Barth remarked, on July 24th (it was a Summer course)

[Reformation faith] proclaims that the human is not the measure of all things, least of all Christianity, and positions [the believer] before the reality of God.  The Reformation is only truly itself in this battle position.  One must, in fact, say that it lived from that conflict.

He was quite right.  Reformation Faith is a faith at war- against all that sets itself up in opposition to God.  And that warfare is and must be unremitting and unrelenting.  Failure is not an option.  It cannot be.  And neither is surrender or compromise.

The true children of the Reformation are those who stand, like John the Baptist crying in the wilderness’, proclaiming —  ‘There is no god but God, and you are not Him!

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