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Science-olatry is Losing Adherents

In what has to be sad news around the pews of science-ism, word today that

Public trust in science as a whole has suffered from recent attacks on climate research, the head of the senior US scientific body admitted at the weekend. “There is evidence that the corrosion in the public attitude to climate science has spread over to other areas of science,” said Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, citing public opinion surveys in the US and elsewhere.

Poor worshipers of science and man’s supposed ability to uncover all truth. When the edifice of their faith crumbles, where will they turn?

Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in San Diego, Prof Cicerone and other research leaders said scientists must work to regain public trust by being more open about their findings. “We need to be more transparent and provide more access to our research data,” he said.

That probably won’t work, since no one can take seriously two scientists who both say different things about the same thing. That, anyway, is the charge atheists always level at Christianity. Take, for example, a new book that Gavin tells us about whose author notes

Much of the book points out differences in Christian doctrines derived from the same “holy” book on the same subject.”

Poor, poor Betty. What’s she going to do when she discovers that science-olatry doesn’t speak with one voice? Her faith will be destroyed! Poor thing.  And, along with her, all the worshipers of human intellect.  The emperor has no clothes, and no one wants to tell him because he will throw a hissy.

Mercenary Olympians

I’ve noticed, during the current Olympics, just how many people live in the States, make their living in the States, and represent any place but the States during the Winter Games.

I think that’s strange.  If you live somewhere, that’s the place whose team you belong on during the Games.  If you play for the NHL in the States, you should play on the US Hockey Team. If you do snowboarding, you should wear the uniform of the Country in which you live- not where you lived in the past once upon a time.

Let’s have a little loyalty, Olympians, and not just get on whatever team will have you based on some tenuous past residency.

Yes, Ron Paul!

Someone, anyone, with sense as Presidential candidate ought to run in 2012.  We need someone like Ron Paul– an honest, able, sensible, and gifted leader.  Someone not beholden to the lobbyists and special interest groups now controlling Washington.

“Congressman Paul is committed to bringing the conservative movement back to its traditional platform of limited government, balanced budgets and a foreign policy of nonintervention,” said Paul spokesman Jesse Benton.


Finally, Arrests Have Been Made

Arsonists have been on the rampage in Texas, burning down numerous Churches while the authorities have been powerless to stop, or catch them, until now.

Authorities believe nine east Texas church fires have been deliberately set since Jan. 1. Officials say a 10th fire, about 120 miles south of Dallas in Temple, also was arson.

What joy or what fulfillment or what satisfaction a person or persons get from burning a facility which has never done them any sort of harm cannot be comprehended by normal people.  Such deeds are the manifestations of depraved evil- a cure for which culture knows nothing of.

Expanding Israel’s Heritage Sites

Given the suspicious bent of my nature, I think the expansion of heritage sites into presently Palestinian territory is a ploy intended to allow Israel to claim the land as its own.  The Palestinians are perfectly capable of securing historical sites.  They know the value of those sites for tourism and tourism is the life blood of the entire region.

Still, it’s good to see interest in preserving things in the Middle East instead of the usual blowing stuff up that’s too common there.

The report, found in the Jerusalem Post, remarks

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem will be included on the list of heritage sites marked for state renovation and preservation, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared at Sunday’s cabinet meeting. The announcement came following pressure from Shas ministers as well as from Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau and right-wing groups. Earlier on Sunday, the Knesset Lobby for Greater Israel planned to visit the Cave to protest the site’s previous exclusion from the heritage plan, which marks 100 historic, religious and cultural sites for preservation and renovation.

Yup, I have good cause to be suspicious.

Some Really Good Theology From Heidelblog

Scott’s right too, ecstasy is NOT Christianity.  Give his cast a listen.

I’ll add – ecstatic movements and theologies are, more correctly, described as nothing more than the revival of Montanism, that horrid heresy of olden days.  Rolling on the floor foaming at the mouth blathering in weird and unspoken ‘languages’ and all the other accoutrement of much ‘pentecostalism’ are Montanism pure and simple.  Not Christianity.

[NB- I didn’t say all Pentecostals are Montanists- I said much of modern Pentecostalism has more in common with ancient Montanism than it does with orthodox Christianity].

Good For India

Authorities in a Christian-majority state in India’s remote northeast have confiscated all copies of a school textbook that carried a picture of Jesus Christ holding a can of beer and a cigarette, an official said Saturday. The primary school textbook, which teaches cursive handwriting, used the picture of Jesus on the page for the letter ‘I’ – to represent Idol.

There are governments operating with common sense these days. You just have to go to India to find them.  Rubbish in textbooks is rubbish whether it’s historical rubbish or theological rubbish.  Depicting Jesus as though he were some sort of beer swilling chain smoking derelict is a historical absurdity.  So good for the officials in India who decided such historical misrepresentation was unsuited for a textbook on writing.

Signs of the Apocalypse: The National Anthem Playing Mennonite College

For more than a century, there was no playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Goshen College – a small Christian college with ties to the Mennonite Church. That’s about to change. For the first time in the school’s history, Goshen College will play an instrumental version of the national anthem before many campus sporting events.

This is quite unusual. It’s akin, if you aren’t familiar with the Mennonites, to a gathering of Jehovah’s Witnesses decided to get blood transfusions while throwing a birthday party and saying the pledge of allegiance before it all began.

Mennonites don’t appreciate the niceties of national pride and they don’t express that sense of national identity that most other people naturally exhibit. This little concession to culture is big news for the Mennonites. Expect rioting in the Mennonite streets!

There Are Too Married Catholic Priests

Prentice Dean will be ordained as a Catholic priest on Monday — while his wife watches. The former Episcopal priest and father of two will become the first married priest in the Nashville diocese. He resigned from the Episcopal Church because he thought the denomination had moved away from traditional Christianity. He converted to Catholicism five years ago, and, after Monday, he’ll be celebrating Mass, hearing confessions and handling all the responsibilities of a priest.

He’s not the first married priest. There are in fact quite a few of them doing the work of the priesthood these days- and all because each and every one of them received special permission.

So the obvious question for the Vatican is, if a couple hundred priests can be married and serve the Church, why can’t they all if they want to?