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Oh FedEx, You Make Me Chuckle

I ordered something the other day and it was scheduled for delivery today.  Nice, right?

Until the wry twist.

The phone rang about an hour ago and it was the FedEx driver, seeking directions- which I provided.  He said he would be at the house shortly- he was in the next town over.

30 minutes passed and the phone rang again.   Said FedEx guy ‘I don’t know why the package was put on my truck, but you’re 45 minutes outside of my delivery area and they will have to deliver the package Tuesday’.

Ok.  But if you’re in the next town over that’s just 15 minutes away…

My sense is, the driver couldn’t find the house (which isn’t that difficult to find) and simply wanted to skip it and head home.  Who wants to work on Saturday?  At any rate, he ‘created an exception’ and the delivery is delayed until Tuesday.

Here’s the FedEx tracking info-

Feb 20, 2010 9:46 AM — Delivery exception — KNOXVILLE, TN- Delivery delayed, scheduled for next business day

Feb 20, 2010 7:48 AM — On FedEx vehicle for delivery — KNOXVILLE, TN

Feb 20, 2010 7:17 AM — At local FedEx facility — KNOXVILLE, TN

The delivery was delayed not because no one was home, but because the ‘package was on the wrong truck, 45 minutes off the delivery route’.


But why rant on about this? Because it is just a bit more evidence that people and companies just don’t take pride in their work any more. Businesses act like they’re doing you a favor when they provide services you’ve paid for. The American business ethic of yesteryear is dead. Slovenly lackluster semi-attempts have replaced an honest day’s work for the majority of the American workforce. No wonder loads of jobs are being outsourced to India and Asia. Those folk know how to work and they aren’t afraid to do it. Too many Americans, on the other hand, are just simply fat and lazy. Wanting big bucks for little work.

[NB- ‘Chuckle’ means in this context ‘annoyed’]

Alexander Haig, Rest In Peace

CNN has reported that Alexander Haig has died.  I know he was controversial, but I liked him.  He was forthright.  Unlike politicians these days, he was honest too.  Yes, I liked him.  I even liked him when he usurped the VP when Reagan was shot and said ‘I’m in charge’.    That takes guts.

Rest in peace, honest sir.

More on Melanchthon

In case you’re keeping up with all the Melanchthon festivities this Melanchthon Year.  Here’s something else to read.

Perhaps It’s Time For Norman To Go

To save the University of Chicago further embarrassment, perhaps it’s time for Norman Golb to retire.

Prosecutors trying a University of Chicago professor’s son, who allegedly cyber-bullied multiple academics who disagreed with his father, released documents to a New York court last month that could implicate the professor in the crime.

Even if Norman Golb knew absolutely nothing of his son’s doings (which seems very unlikely if the court documents are to be believed), the University has a shadow cast over it.

But if NG did know what was going on, and either stood by silently or actually aided and assisted Raphael, then that shadow cast over the University has become a full fledged pale of darkness.

So maybe, and I’m just saying maybe, for the good of the University (which till now has enjoyed a brilliant reputation in academia) Norman should retire. After all, when the Huffington Post has a headline that screams UChicago Prof And Son Caught In E-mail Imbroglio, the gig is up.