Pillbillies: The Problem of Florida’s Pain Clinics and the Illegal Drug Trade

If you live in a rural community in the South you know exactly what a Pillbillie is- it’s a person who makes their livelihood trafficking  in illegally and fraudulently obtained prescription drugs.

The bulk of these prescriptions are written by clinics in Florida, where a booming cottage industry has grown up.  People from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia, along with persons from numerous other locales, make pilgrimage to clinics down there, receive prescriptions for no good reason, and take their pills back home to sell- destroying, in the process, their own lives, their families, and their communities.

Indeed, what Meth has done, the pill trade is expanding.

In the County just south of where I live, 46 people are involved.  You can read all about it.   The illegal sale of prescription drugs is killing towns all across the South.  And will continue to do so until the clinics furnishing the Pillbillies are shut down by Florida officials who, however, seem totally indifferent to the problem.

Curiously, underlying the problem of drug addiction, the real ‘first cause’ of all the problems which follow in its train, is that overwhelming desire to escape reality so common among those who live godless lives.

Socrates once remarked that the unreflected upon life was not worth living.  More true, however, is the fact that the godless life is not only not worth living, it isn’t worth anything at all but despair and pain and death.

One thought on “Pillbillies: The Problem of Florida’s Pain Clinics and the Illegal Drug Trade

  1. irishanglican 19 Feb 2010 at 12:53 pm

    Sad, so sad! What drugs have done to peoples lives. It might be even worse in the UK? “Pharmakia”


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