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Jodi Magness: On Cargill’s Virtual Qumran

Bob Cargill has the details.  Jodi responded to Bob’s work at the SBL in New Orleans.  If you weren’t there, you missed a good time.

Anyway, if you’re in Texas, this may be something you’d like to attend.

So Is It Ulrich, or Huldreich, or Huldrych?

Rea Rother writes, briefly, in explanation of the variations of Zwingli’s first name-

Auf dem Denkmal und in vielen Publikationen heisst er Ulrich, andere nennen ihn Huldreich, und er selber pflegte mit Huldrych oder Huldrychus zu unterschreiben. – Doch wie hiess er nun wirklich, der vor gut 500 Jahren geborene Zwingli?

Wer glaubt, Huldrych sei die ursprüngliche Form des Vornamens Ulrich, liegt falsch. Zwinglis Taufname war Ulrich (in Anlehnung an den heiligen Ulrich von Augsburg von ca. 930 n. Chr.), sein lebenslanger Rufname soll Ueli oder Uoli gelautet haben. Bereits als Student entwickelte der junge Zwingli jedoch einen ausgeprägten Hang zur Inszenierung seines Vornamens und schrieb sich fortan lateinisiert Udalricus. Später wollte Zwingli offenbar als huldrycher (huldreicher) Mann in die Geschichte eingehen und begann seine Briefe und Übersetzungen mit Huldrychus zu unterschreiben.

Der Zürcher Rat machte bei Zwinglis Namensspielereien allerdings nicht mit. In den Ratsprotokollen blieb er der “Meister Uolrich”.

The 67 Articles of Huldrych Zwingli

Smoked Sausage Wednesday

I like this! I like this guy! He’s going on ye old blogroll straightaway!

8 of the 10 Baptists In Haiti Will Be Released

The Associated Press is reporting

A Haitian attorney says eight of 10 U.S. missionaries charged with child kidnapping will be released. Aviol Fleurant says group leader Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter will be held for additional questioning. Fleurant represents nine of the 10 members of the Idaho-based church group. He says the rest of the group are free to leave Wednesday but have not arranged transportation.

There’s more. Check out the AP report. Great news for those innocent victims of simple misunderstanding.

Is Facebook Like a Crack Dealer?

It’s a provocative question, and one posed, in sum and substance, in a readable essay over at Fast Company.  News of a new Facebook phone ap has been leaked…

before a formal announcement, of a new super-light, text-only version of Facebook designed for simple cell phone interactions. It looks like it’s designed to further Facebook’s penetration into daily life. And it might be free. But only for a little taste.


The idea is that Facebook’s drummed up some pretty neat deals with a large number of cell phone providers across the globe and has written some code that presents a user’s Facebook news stream as a text-only entity that can be accessed via a phone’s browser at zero.facebook.com. The trick is that it’s free of charge. And that will be an extremely interesting idea to many millions of Facebook addicts who’ve yet to make the leap to full-on smartphone tech, or who have limited data packages as part of their mobile broadband contract with their cell phone network.


Died-in-the wool Facebook addicts may be tempted to switch to a different carrier that offers Facebook Zero if their current one doesn’t–which is good and bad for the cell phone carriers in question. And once a user clicks on a Facebook Zero item to see more, perhaps to view a friend’s photo, for example, then they’ll be whisked to the full Facebook site, their carrier will levy a small data-access charge, and thus will earn some more revenue (the crack dealer model for mobile data consumption, perhaps).

Facebook= crack dealer.  Sounds about right.  Making money lies behind every commercial enterprise, even if ‘free’ appears somewhere in the description.

How Not To Do Theology

Mr Ichabod (the glory has departed, for you non Hebraists out there) is angry with me about my point of view regarding Lent.  He’s so mad, in fact, that he’s called me a moron.

He doesn’t bother to say why he disagrees- he simply asserts that I’m the ghost of Jerry Falwell (well now he’s updated it and changed it to Nadab) and a moron.

That, pilgrims, is how NOT to do theology.  1) Don’t give any reasons at all, just call names.  And 2) associate your foe with someone widely despised except in the smallest circles.

Did The Earliest Christians Worship Jesus?

Before you hastily answer yes, you might want to pause and consider the question for a bit.  Indeed, you might want to read James Dunn’s forthcoming volume on the topic.

With thanks to James McGrath for pointing it out.   I’m sure James thinks the answer to the question, by the way, is no.  He doesn’t believe in Jesus.  He believes in evolution.  He’s a bad, bad, bad person.


Yet More on the Amy Bishop Saga

Killed 3, injured 3 more, killed her brother, was involved in a mail bomb plot… and now word that even her students had complaints about her.  The Amy Bishop saga just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Students said they signed a petition and complained to no avail about the classroom conduct of an Alabama professor accused of killing three colleagues and wounding three others in a shooting rampage at a faculty meeting.  The students upset with biology professor Amy Bishop told The Associated Press they went to University of Alabama in Huntsville administrators at least three times a year ago, complaining that she was ineffective in the classroom and had odd, unsettling ways.

I guess the administration just thought the kids were whining.

The students said Bishop never made eye contact during conversations, taught by reading out of a textbook and made frequent references to Harvard University, her beloved alma mater. “We could tell something was off, that she was not like other teachers,” said nursing student Caitlin Phillips.

Yeah, that’s weird. If she taught just by reading from the textbook she was either lazy or incompetent or both. And she was also murderous.

The John, Jesus and History Project

Now THIS looks fun!

The John, Jesus, and History Project grew out of a concern that neither Johannine nor Jesus studies had dealt adequately with the question of history. Indeed, the Gospel of John is the most theological and distinctive of the four canonical Gospels, but it also contains more archaeological and topographical detail than all the other Gospels combined. Further, it is the only Gospel containing explicit claims to having been rooted in first-hand encounters with Jesus and eyewitness memories of his ministry. These claims may be false, and the contents could be falsified, but how is this known with certainty? Given that negative certainty is even more difficult to establish than positive claims, are the bases upon which some critical scholars over the last two centuries have excluded nearly all Johannine content from the quest for the Jesus of history worthy? These are but a few of the issues the John, Jesus, and History Project has sought to address, and this essay outlines the interests, methods, and results of that inquiry.

Where do I sign up?

The Worst Congress In US History

2/3rds of Americans would like to throw the bums out, according to a CNN poll.

I agree wholeheartedly. In my 49 years I’ve never seen a Congress more inept. It simply can’t, or won’t, get anything done.

Only a third of U.S. voters think that most members of Congress deserve to be re-elected this year, according to a new national poll. That’s the lowest number ever recorded for that question in a CNN survey.

But here’s the problem-

According to the survey, 51 percent feel their own member of Congress should be re-elected — also an all-time low in CNN polling — while 44 percent say their representative doesn’t deserve to be returned to office in November.

People always blame the other guy’s politician. I say, they are all to blame. Each and every single one of them. None of them deserve to be elected to so much as village dog catcher.

Fifty-six percent of people questioned in the survey say that most Democrats in Congress do not deserve to be re-elected. An equal percentage say that most congressional Republicans don’t deserve re-election.

None of them do, regardless of their party affiliation. Clean House (and Senate and White House) and start fresh with sensible people who can’t be bought by special interests, and then maybe something will be accomplished. Until then, ineptitude will reign supreme.

Total Depravity: The Baby Killer Edition

New Jersey State Police are searching for a 3-month-old girl after her father told them he threw his daughter off a bridge and into a river.


Authorities say Shamshiddin Abdur-Raheem grabbed the girl from the child’s grandmother in East Orange Tuesday afternoon and fled.


Winslow police Lt. Michael Hoffman says the man told officers he had been driving south on the parkway when he pulled over and threw his daughter off the bridge. Abdur-Raheem did not have custody of his daughter, and he and the child’s mother are not married.

Tossing a 3 month old off a bridge… that pretty much takes the cake so far as depraved deeds goes.  And of course they weren’t married.  Apparently only gays want to be married these days.  Everyone else either wants to just spew out babies or shack up sans the benefit of matrimony.

A Truly Beautifully Illustrated Bible

Is Luther’s 1524 edition of the New Testament, in German, and published in, of all places, Zurich!

Here’s the title page (and click on it to see it in it’s full glory)

You’ll note right away that the header (for now) is cropped from it.  To see the volume for yourself, go here and select this edition from the many:  Das gantz Nüw Testament recht grüntlich vertütscht, Mit gar gelerten unnd richtigen vorreden, und der schwäresten örter kurtz, aber gut ußlegungen (Zürich, 1524) [BSB / PDF]  (and then select BSB which is the image version).

I wish very much they had the 1531 Zurich Bible as a selection, but alas…

Philip Davies on ‘Bultmania’

Bultmania is a very pernicious form of mental illness, which can result in a lack of belief that certain people exist and even, in extreme cases, doubt about one’s own existence (it is thought that Descartes was once afflicted by this until he turned to philosophy). In certain manifestations of this illness, the patient may divide his perception of him/herself and other people into two – a kind of objective historical figure and a more shadowy subjective projection of that person. Experts disagree as to whether this condition should be classified as a form of schizophrenia.

There is no known cure, but Barth’s tablets are thought to offer some relief. However the side-effects of this treatment can be terrifying, in many cases worse than the symptoms of Bultmania itself. — Philip Davies

Tax Break? What Tax Break?

I can assure the atheists who are filing suit to end the so called ‘tax break’ for ministers that I pay far more than my fair share so that the government can toss it in the garbage can of big business bailouts and wasteful pork barrel spending.

Tax break?  I pay every quarter and even at that, because the tax laws change every 3 and a half minutes, on April 15th as well.

So, atheists, if you think ministers get special treatment you’re simply insane.

Military personnel don’t pay taxes on their housing.   And you atheists get tax write offs for your mortgages and expenses.  So no, there’s no break.  There’s just middle class laborers making just enough to get by because the government throws hard earned money into the laps of the lazy and the greedy.

It must be sad to be an atheist.  They just sit around all day grinding their teeth and trying to find ways to put Christians at a disadvantage.  Angry little buggers.  Fear not, hell will modify your dispositions.

The Snow Continues for the Fourth Day

It has now snowed here every day for four.  Here’s the additional (clearly seen on the driveway) and it’s still coming down now.  According to the weather people, tomorrow should be the end of it….   Yeah, whatever….