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Jodi Magness: On Cargill’s Virtual Qumran

Bob Cargill has the details.  Jodi responded to Bob’s work at the SBL in New Orleans.  If you weren’t there, you missed a good time. Anyway, if you’re in Texas, this may be something you’d like to attend.

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So Is It Ulrich, or Huldreich, or Huldrych?

Rea Rother writes, briefly, in explanation of the variations of Zwingli’s first name- Auf dem Denkmal und in vielen Publikationen heisst er Ulrich, andere nennen ihn Huldreich, und er selber pflegte mit Huldrych oder Huldrychus zu unterschreiben. – Doch wie … Continue reading

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The 67 Articles of Huldrych Zwingli

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Smoked Sausage Wednesday

I like this! I like this guy! He’s going on ye old blogroll straightaway!

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8 of the 10 Baptists In Haiti Will Be Released

The Associated Press is reporting A Haitian attorney says eight of 10 U.S. missionaries charged with child kidnapping will be released. Aviol Fleurant says group leader Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter will be held for additional questioning. Fleurant represents nine … Continue reading

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Is Facebook Like a Crack Dealer?

It’s a provocative question, and one posed, in sum and substance, in a readable essay over at Fast Company.  News of a new Facebook phone ap has been leaked… before a formal announcement, of a new super-light, text-only version of … Continue reading

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How Not To Do Theology

Mr Ichabod (the glory has departed, for you non Hebraists out there) is angry with me about my point of view regarding Lent.  He’s so mad, in fact, that he’s called me a moron. He doesn’t bother to say why … Continue reading

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Did The Earliest Christians Worship Jesus?

Before you hastily answer yes, you might want to pause and consider the question for a bit.  Indeed, you might want to read James Dunn’s forthcoming volume on the topic. With thanks to James McGrath for pointing it out.   … Continue reading

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Yet More on the Amy Bishop Saga

Killed 3, injured 3 more, killed her brother, was involved in a mail bomb plot… and now word that even her students had complaints about her.  The Amy Bishop saga just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Students said they signed … Continue reading

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The John, Jesus and History Project

Now THIS looks fun! The John, Jesus, and History Project grew out of a concern that neither Johannine nor Jesus studies had dealt adequately with the question of history. Indeed, the Gospel of John is the most theological and distinctive … Continue reading

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The Worst Congress In US History

2/3rds of Americans would like to throw the bums out, according to a CNN poll. I agree wholeheartedly. In my 49 years I’ve never seen a Congress more inept. It simply can’t, or won’t, get anything done. Only a third … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Baby Killer Edition

New Jersey State Police are searching for a 3-month-old girl after her father told them he threw his daughter off a bridge and into a river. And Authorities say Shamshiddin Abdur-Raheem grabbed the girl from the child’s grandmother in East … Continue reading

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A Truly Beautifully Illustrated Bible

Is Luther’s 1524 edition of the New Testament, in German, and published in, of all places, Zurich! Here’s the title page (and click on it to see it in it’s full glory) You’ll note right away that the header (for … Continue reading

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Philip Davies on ‘Bultmania’

Bultmania is a very pernicious form of mental illness, which can result in a lack of belief that certain people exist and even, in extreme cases, doubt about one’s own existence (it is thought that Descartes was once afflicted by … Continue reading

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Tax Break? What Tax Break?

I can assure the atheists who are filing suit to end the so called ‘tax break’ for ministers that I pay far more than my fair share so that the government can toss it in the garbage can of big … Continue reading

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The Snow Continues for the Fourth Day

It has now snowed here every day for four.  Here’s the additional (clearly seen on the driveway) and it’s still coming down now.  According to the weather people, tomorrow should be the end of it….   Yeah, whatever….

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