Leaving A Bible on a Teacher’s Desk is a Hate Crime????

That’s what the teacher asserted in a Facebook posting that’s gotten her in a bit of peril.

A middle-school teacher in Wake County, N.C., may be fired after she and her friends made caustic remarks on a Facebook page about her students, the South and Christianity.

Melissa Hussain, an eighth-grade science teacher at West Lake Middle School in Apex, was suspended with pay Friday while investigators review her case, according to Greg Thomas, a Wake schools spokesman. The suspension came after some of Hussain’s students and their parents objected to comments on her Facebook page, many of them revolving around her interaction with her Christian students.

Sounds to me like she’s the one who’s got the hate problem.

Hussain wrote on the social-networking site that it was a “hate crime” that students anonymously left a Bible on her desk, and she told how she “was able to shame” her students over the incident. Her Facebook page included comments from friends about “ignorant Southern rednecks,” and one commenter suggested Hussain retaliate by bringing a Dale Earnhardt Jr. poster to class with a swastika drawn on the NASCAR driver’s forehead.

So she enjoyed shaming her students because one of them left a Bible on her desk? She needs to be fired. Not because she disdains the Bible, but because she has contempt for her students.