Ken Starr Wants to be a Baptist Now

Ken Starr, the newly elected President of Baylor University (a Baptist school, in Texas), has decided to become a Baptist.  I guess he would have decided to become a Buddhist had he been elected to a Japanese University or a Muslim if he had gone to a school in Saudi Arabia.  He’s been a lifelong Church of Christ member (and Pepperdine, where he presently is, is a C of C institution).

I’m not being mean- a lot of people do ‘conversion of convenience’ for a new job or a spouse or whatever.  Given Starr’s past, it’s quite unsurprising indeed.

And speaking of Starr, a new book on him is freshly published.   But, as a recent review notes, the book’s author,

while he certainly does not give Mr. Starr a free pass, … seems to bend over backward to defend the special prosecutor. Mr. Starr, he emphasizes, repeatedly admonished members of his staff to treat the president with respect. He also believes that Mr. Starr wanted to send the evidence gathered by his office to Congress, without an explicit recommendation, “and let them take it over” but was “overwhelmingly outvoted by his staff.” Most interestingly, Mr. Gormley “swears in” Alice Mendell, Mr. Starr’s wife, and lets her testify, at length, to his character and integrity.

Maybe the Trustees at Baylor got a chance to read an advance copy.

[Pace Robert Cargill!]

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6 Responses to Ken Starr Wants to be a Baptist Now

  1. Joseph Kelly says:

    It looks like to me Starr simply isn’t too attached to ministering within Churches of Christ, and now that another opportunity comes up to serve, he is willing to ‘convert’ as no doubt many will see it. However, if he believes the non-denominational ideal of the Stone-Campbell movement is a good thing, and if he is unconvinced that Churches of Christ (or any other group for that matter) have succeeded in being non-denominational, then I would argue that this move is very consistent with that ideal. He, like Paul, becomes all things to all men. He has a new opportunity in his life to serve a different constituency of people, so to the baptists, he become a baptist.

    Of course, I am sure there are some in COC who are glad to see Starr distance himself from us. No doubt, they are also waiting for Mary Winkler to become a baptist!


  2. SocietyForTheVenerationOfTheBlessedMother says:

    “we’d prefer you keep murdering mary”

    That’s just depraved.


    • Jim says:

      well we dont want her. calvin didnt want servetus. luther didnt want carlstadt. zwingli didnt want manz. we’re in good company by spelling out who we dont want.


  3. Joseph Kelly says:

    Makes me wonder what Mary the Society is venerating if they think you are more depraved than Winkler.


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