Jay Williams on ‘Spiritual Imagination’

Over at Bible and Interpretation.

It’s a pretty good essay, lacking only one essential fact- the Bible is not intended to provoke ‘spiritual imagination’, it, and its various ‘theologies’, or perhaps better ‘theological witnesses’, intend to speak of God and his relationship to man.

Your ‘imagination’, your ‘imaginative readings’, aren’t the point. Reader-response isn’t the objective- faith response is. What you think about God, at the end of the day, doesn’t matter one bit. It’s what God thinks about you (as revealed in Scripture) that counts. And that’s what the Bible on its every page calls you to consider.

Leave you imagination at the door when you read Scripture. You and your thoughts aren’t at all the point. If you read the Bible to find some thought grist for your imaginative mill, you’re really only listening for your own voice. What could be sillier?

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