Baptist Press, That’s A Strange Headline

A report over at Baptist Press screeches

OLYMPICS: He helped throttle Soviets in ’80; now he’s back

‘Throttle’? As in strangle to death? Why, Baptist Press, what a strange choice of words for a Baptist / religious news organization to choose. But Baptist Press does some strange things anyway. They always have. They ignore some very important stories and their tendency is to write essays in such a way as to turn the reader in a particular direction. And while that might be ok for non-journalists (and Fox News), it certainly doesn’t suit real journalism.

I once, while talking to an editor of a state Baptist publication, asked him why BP seemed to overlook certain stories. His response- ‘I don’t know. They do inexplicable things over there that no one understands’.

I suppose talk of ‘throttling’ someone falls into that category.

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