Pet Peeves That Peeve

14 Feb

I suppose Gavin has tapped into my just-below-the-surface rage by mentioning what has to be the one thing that annoys me more than just about anything else, including slow drivers, dilettantes, atheists, and snooty Lutherans- the use of ‘Revelations’ when the proper term for the Biblical book is ‘Revelation’.

Anyone who calls ‘Revelation’ ‘Revelations’ should be stripped of all degrees, forced to work as a greeter at Wal-Mart for six months, and then allowed, and only then, to mention the Bible in casual conversation.

If you don’t know the names of the books of the Bible, but you’re a ‘Professor of Religion’, your institution has been ripped off.  You don’t have a clue.   If you can’t get something so simple as a title correct, there’s no way you can be trusted to understand, much less interpret, the content of that text.

Calling ‘Revelation’ ‘Revelations’ is pure and unmixed total depravity, dilettantism, wretchedness, and perversity.


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3 responses to “Pet Peeves That Peeve

  1. Mark

    14 Feb 2010 at 7:28 pm

    Nice peeve, except for the fact that the titles aren’t inspired or canonical, if that word means anything in an unclosed canon, said the snooty Lutheran…


    • Jim

      14 Feb 2010 at 8:11 pm

      you can’t go around calling them ‘that book there in the middle with the big words in it’ or ‘that last book over there’.

      and if it’s any consolation, i once saw a t-shirt that cited Gal 2:20 and under it, i kid you not, had ‘galations’. i exploded. just internally- but it was a nasty explosion.


  2. Jason

    14 Feb 2010 at 9:37 pm

    Your Galatians example is funny–I saw the same thing once many years ago, only it was tattooed on a guy’s leg!!!